BLOG: Damage Control? Come Visit Us @ Gravity!

DAMAGE CONTROL? COME IN FOR A VISIT! We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope your holiday has been joyous. Perhaps, the last few weeks have taken its toll on your body? Getting ready for the holiday, shopping, preparing, planning, indulges of rich food, sweet foods, and alcohol. Or have you been on the road? On and off a plane? Stressing out, reflecting on the year and feeling a little in the swamp? Or having too […]

BLOG: Introducing Lymph Drainage w/ Kathleen Steindler- LIMITED TIME!

‘EXPERIENCE A LYMPH DRAINAGE SESSION’ With Kathleen Steindler Our lymphatic system is complex. It consist of lymph vessels and nodes working to maintain a healthy immune system and to¬† detoxify the body. Lymph effectiveness can be locally hindered or stopped temporarily in cases of surgery, trauma, infection, burns, fatigue, stress, and age. Lymph Drainage is a very specific, precise stimulation of Lymph Nodes and Vessels by a hands on technique similar to massage but more specific to the exact anatomy […]