Calling All Women! Attend a GODDESS GROUP!

Book Circle – School Of Womanly Arts by Regina Thomashauer aka Mama Gena


Have you heard of Mama Gena? Well, I am a graduate of her Mastery program at The School of Womanly Arts 2011. I have had a life changing experience and major shift in my life as a result of exploring what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

I would like to bring a taste of what it means to be a Sister Goddess to you by starting this book club. Each month we will read from Mama Gena’s first book, ‘The School of
Womanly Arts’ and research many of the ideas presented such as: et white flower

-To Identify Our Desires
-Create a World of Pleasure and Fulfillment
-Love and Accept Ourselves as We Are and Embrace Our Beauty
-Have more Abundance and Success
-To Get Unstuck
-Explore How to Have Greater Success with Men
-To Befriend your inner Bitch
-To Celebrate what it Means to Be a Woman Today!

Study Books will be provided. Exercises will be explored. This will be a Sharing Circle.

The aim of this group is to uplift every woman and to create a life that goes beyond your dreams and expectations!

All the Best,
Donna Perrone aka Sister Goddess Detox Diva

Goddess Group is for Women Only!

Friday, January 30, 2015
7 pm – 9 pm

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw: Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button

Please email your full name and phone # to
You will be called the day of the class to confirm your attendance. Or call 212 388 9788 to reserve your seat. You will receive a confirmation by email..

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May I Be Frank (2013)


To watch the whole movie!  Go to:
The official website:


About the Film:

Frank Ferrante is a 54 year old Sicilian from Brooklyn living in San Francisco.  A lover of life, great food and a good laugh, Frank is also a drug addict, morbidly obese, pre-diabetic, and fighting Hepatitis C. He’s estranged from his daughter, single, and struggling with depression. Frank knows that life can be better than this, and is looking for a way out.


May I Be Frank documents the transformation of Frank Ferrante’s life. He unknowingly stumbles into a local restaurant in San Francisco, Café Gratitude, a raw, organic and vegan café. As he becomes friends with the staff, he keeps returning to the café where he feels welcomed and free from his collapsing personal life. On one such visit, Frank is asked by Ryland, one of the servers, “What is one thing you want to do before you die?” Frank replies “I want to fall in love one more time, but no one will love me looking the way I do.”


Inspired by the possibility of helping Frank, Ryland invites him to come into the café everyday for the next month. Armed with a camera and a wide open heart, Ryland soon enrolls his brother Cary, and Conor, his best friend, to participate in supporting Frank’s transformation. The final agreement is made that for the next 42 days, Frank will turn his life over to three twenty-something young men committed to his healing and prepared to coach him physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Frank will eat only raw food, practice gratitude, visit local holistic practitioners, and get a weekly colonic.


Ryland, Conor, and Cary get to support and witness Frank’s miraculous transformation.  Frank gets a new body, a clearer mind, and most importantly, a soaring spirit.


Over those 42 days, the four men go on the ride of their lives.  Setting out to help Frank lose weight and get healthy, no one anticipated the profound impact this journey would have on the lives of countless others.  Through Frank’s story of love, redemption, and transformation, the viewers witness the power of change for themselves and the world.  May I Be Frank documents the essence of the human condition and what it truly means to fall in love again.


I Am Inspired..

After seeing this movie, I have decided to offer a modified approach to help people to create the life they dream of. I have gathered forces to create a month long Immersion that will help you take action with guided support to become healthier in body, mind and spirit.

-Donna Perrone
Gravity East Village
Accent on Wellness

Make A Commitment.

I designed this Weight Loss Immersion as a method to focus on getting healthier. If weight loss is your goal, that will be your focus. If you are already a healthy eater who is ready to dive deeper to experience more juicing and raw foods, that will be your focus. If you are already a healthy eater who is ready to take detox to the next level, that will be your focus.

The Immersion is designed to suit your individual needs.

Are you stuck? Caught in your depression, anxiety, patterns of self sabotage? Creating a true change as shown in the film, ‘May I Be Frank’, means being Transparent and having the tools with which to crack open in order to live differently are imperative. Commitment is essential. Support and guidance will back you up.


Here Is What Will Be Offered:

You will receive One – 2 hour Consultation with Donna Perrone.
We will lay it out! Look at your day and make a plan on what your day will look like. We will create a meal plan, movement, recipes, supplements and a spiritual path. We will discuss options which may be incorporated such as liver cleanse, colon cleanse, juice cleanse, candida / parasite cleanse, heavy metal cleanse and low sugar cleanse..This consultation will include QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis. Donna will muscle test you to see if any supplementation is needed to feed and support your body during this time.You will schedule this consultation during Week One to launch your Immersion!You will receive Three – 30 minute consultations by phone or skype as a follow up to see how you are doing and to guide you further on any detox methods you may want to experience. You may want to just stick with eating super healthy and may require more support in other ways. You can move towards eating a 100% raw diet, or some mixture of healthy cooked and raw food. Donna will coach you through this process. We can discuss food cravings, social and emotional issues as they a rise. There will be a One – 2 hr consultation + Three – 30 minute consultations = Four – total  / Meeting one time per week scheduled in advance.You will keep a journal of your experience that you will share with Donna and Julia if desired.

You will receive Four – EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions with Julia Lucas.
Julia will work with you in person or via skype. She will help you to connect with any negative emotions or ways that you have been feeling stuck in your life and guide you to move it through! Your focus can be on weight loss, emotional trauma, phobia, addiction, personal issues or on anything that has been holding you back in your life. Session One – 1.5 hours + Sessions Two – Four are 1 hour each.

EFT will be a tool you use on your own to help you through those challenging moments.

Also, Julia will teach you a Meditation to prep you for mindful eating. She will give you your own Affirmations to repeat each day.

And, you will check in by email each day with Julia to report how well you are doing with your program. Tell us about your food choices, juicing/smoothie, affirmations, emotions, movement, and meditation. She will hold this space of support for you and respond by being your cheerleader!


What Else Is Included?

  • GEV Treatment RoomColon Hydro-therapy: Get the toxins out! Depending on the package you choose, you will experience Colon Hydro-therapy as a weekly or bi-monthly plan. It is important that the body keeps up with its need to eliminate poisons and toxins so they are not reabsorbed. As fats break down the colon is the method to remove them.
  • Far Infra Red Sauna: Our sauna will help create a feel good feeling, cleansing of toxins, better circulation and improved metabolism that supports weight loss. We recommend at  least one session per week or more.
  • Therapeutic Massage: Enjoy a deep relaxation experience with a Massage given by one of our experts. This will help you to melt away any tension in your body and create a deeper connection to your body wisdom.512
  • Essential Oils: At Gravity, we value the use of aromatherapy oils and use them daily. We  will share the great benefits and pleasure they offer.
  •   You will receive a package of Young Living Oils that include:
  1.  Citrus Fresh – An essential oil blend that will be ingested as a  means to break down fats in the body.
  2.  Slique Tea – A weight loss tea infused with essential oils that  help  balance blood sugar.
  3.  Lavender – To be used as a tool in your meditation / relaxation  experience. IMG_2509
  4.  Cynthia Shankman, Gravity’s Essential Oils expert will chat with  you for a  20 minute consultation in person or by phone.


  •  The Abounding River Workbook is a training manual to experience a life of being provided  for. Consider that scarcity (not enough love, money, time, beauty, etc.) is an inherited way being-a view of life that we practice and fuel by widespread agreement. This book is the antidote for our obsession with scarcity. Abundance, like love or joy, is a presence that we can evoke by our conscious attention to it-to what we have already been given.  dde92493-93b7-4a45-8f27-1299a020af70
In this book, you practice being someone who:
1. Loves your life
2. Adores yourself
3. Accepts the world
4. Is generous and grateful every day
5. Experiences being provided for

You will receive your copy of this book as your manual.



Experience the Delight of Raw Foods, a Guidance into Detoxification, and a Leap into Awareness to how you may be Stuck Emotionally and tools to work with to Live The Life  You Desire.Any questions? Please call Gravity East Village:  212 388 9788

Where? How Much? Sign Up Now! 

This program starts immediately. You will pay for your package and start planning your program. This offer will last till Feb 28. We will work with people till the end of March 2015.

Price Of:  $1728
1 – 2 hr Nutritional Consultation that includes Muscle testing with Donna Perrone +
3 – 30 minute phone / skype follow up Consultations.4 – Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions with Julia Lucas + Daily Email Check-Ins + Meditation For Mindful Eating + Affirmations.2 – Colon Hydro therapy sessions with any Gravity East Village Therapist.1 – 30 minute – Far Infra Red Sauna Session1 – 60 minute – Therapeutic Massage1 – Essential Oils Package + 20 minute Oils Consultation with Cynthia Shankman

1 – Abounding River Personal Logbook – An Unfamiliar View Of Abundance
by Matthew Engelhart, Terces Engelhart



Price Of:  $2074
1 – 2 hr Nutritional Consultation that includes Muscle testing with Donna Perrone +
3 – 30 minute phone / skype follow up Consultations.4 – Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions with Julia Lucas + Daily Email Check-Ins + Meditation For Mindful Eating + Affirmations.4 – Colon Hydro therapy sessions with any Gravity East Village Therapist.4 – 30 minute – Far Infra Red Sauna Sessions1 – 60 minute – Therapeutic Massage1 – Essential Oils Package + 20 minute Oils Consultation with Cynthia Shankman

1 – Abounding River Personal Logbook – An Unfamiliar View Of Abundance
by Matthew Engelhart, Terces Engelhart



Try It Out Package: Price Of:  $960
1 – 2 hr Nutritional Consultation that includes Muscle testing with Donna Perrone +
 1 – 30 minute phone / skype follow up Consultations.
2 – Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions with Julia Lucas + Daily Email Check-Ins + Meditation For Mindful Eating + Affirmations.
1 – Colon Hydro therapy sessions with any Gravity East Village Therapist.
1 – 30 minute – Far Infra Red Sauna Session
1 – Essential Oils Package – 20 minute Consultation with Cynthia Shankman1 – Abounding River Personal Logbook – An Unfamiliar View Of Abundance
by Matthew Engelhart, Terces Engelhart
Get Your Feet Wet Package: Price Of:  $511
1 – 2 hr Nutritional Consultation that includes Muscle testing with Donna Perrone
1 – Emotional Freedom Techniques sessions with Julia Lucas + Daily Email Check-Ins + Meditation For Mindful Eating + Affirmations.
1 – Colon Hydro therapy sessions with any Gravity East Village Therapist.
1 – 30 minute – Far Infra Red Sauna Session1 – Abounding River Personal Logbook – An Unfamiliar View Of Abundance
by Matthew Engelhart, Terces Engelhart

We can take your payment in 1 or 2 installments. Can purchase by Cash, Visa or Mastercard.

Please call Gravity: 212 388 9788.

You may add on any services at a reduced rate.

All Sales Are Final

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
BTW: Avenue A & Avenue B
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Raw Julia (aka Julia Lucas)

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)


Julia Lucas (aka Raw Julia) is an AAMET Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner in NYC and Nyack, New York. She has taught at the Omega Institute, Nyack College, Gravity East Village and more. She does private EFT sessions by skype, phone or in person.  Customized groups and workshops are available in the NY metro area and in other locations around the world.
She is a raw foods lifestyle expert, meditation teacher, and author of a soon to be released spiritual transformational memoir.  She has been a professional photographer and filmmaker and worked on projects directed by Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Brett Ratner, Kristi Zea and Barry Sonnenfeld.

What is EFT?


EFT combines modern psychology with tapping on meridian endpoints to clear old energy, stuck patterns, pain, anxiety and anything else you’d like to try it on! This powerful technique often works where other modalities and therapies have been ineffective.


EFT can help with:
– Creating Abundance
– Fertility
– Relationship
– Finding Love
– Personal Fulfillment
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Stress Relief
– Trauma
– Physical Pain
– Phobias
– Creating New Patterns
– Weight Loss
– Auto-Immune Issues
– Addiction and more…



Donna Perrone

Donna Perrone began her health group in NYC in 1995 called ‘Accent on Wellness’ which is a healthy lifestyle transition group. She is a volunteer, group facilitator and organizer that hosts guest speakers, teaches healthy lifestyle workshops, leads a healthy support/discussion group and organizes community gatherings.  

Donna is a Certified Colon Hydro-Therapist with her own wellness center located in NYC called ‘Gravity East Village’.  Her office features a staff of Gravity Method Therapists, State of the Art Filtration, Infra-Red Sauna.

WATCH HER VIDEO BIO:  She was the internet radio host on Vitality! on in 2008 -2009. She currently is a monthly host on The Good Health Workshop on www.nytalkradio.netDonna has taught workshops and retreats at many venues such as Accent on Wellness, The New Life Expo-NY,  Urban Zen- Kris Carr, Integral Yoga Institute, Jivamukti Yoga Center, Transformation with Amy Rachelle, Dharma Yoga Center, The Raw Spirit Festival, and The Art of Living Julia Lucas of DP 



The Weight Loss & Detox Immersion does not provide medical advice. All content, including text, graphic images and information made available are for general informational purposes only. We are not doctors and am not making any prescriptions, and recommend that you do your own research to find the best approach for you. It is recommended that you consult a licensed health professional when having any concerns. This Immersion is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advise, diagnosis or treatment. You take full legal responsibility for whatever decisions you make regarding your own health care.




I am pleased to announce that I am hosting a monthly internet radio program called

‘The Good Health Workshop’on I will host the show along with Rhio, Bob Dagger – High Vibe store, and Leigh Crizoe.
You can listen to SHOW #2 – podcast at: 
Host Donna Perrone chats with special guest Cynthia Shankman on the benefits of Essential Oils and use of Aromatherapy. Tune in to turn your sense of smell on!

Donna Perrone, Host                      Cynthia Shankman, Guest


Check Out Other Archive Shows!
Vitality Clear By In 2008 – 2009, Donna Perrone and Michael Perrine hosted ‘Vitality’ an internet radio program through

Listen to Vitality archived at:

Enjoy interviews with David Wolfe, Dr. Fred Bisci, Lalita Salas of Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Matt Monarch, Paul Nison and more!Special Thanks to Pete Calandra for his musical contribution.
You can find his music on itunes!





Have you ever cleansed your liver? Perhaps, the liver flush class is not your speed. It has been well documented the coffee enemas are a viable way to cleanse and rejuvenate your body and can be a great resource to aid the body in healing of disease or imbalance.
I have asked many of my clients whether they had ever tried a coffee enema, and I was surprised that most of them had never explored this valuable cleansing method. Most expressed that they thought they would do it wrong or make a mess. This got me thinking that this is a great service to offer our clients to help them to experience a liver cleanse.
I devised a session that will begin with a Castor Oil Pack using excellent quality Premier Castor Oil with Young Living’s Juva Flex (optional) on an organic cotton Flannel using an Earthwrappe heating pad for 20 minutes. You will enjoy Young Living Aromatherapy Oils under your feet to create a better relaxation.
While your Castor Oil Pack is underway to turn on your liver and gallbladder cleanse your Therapist will prepare fresh ground Premier Organic Coffee with state of the art filtered Water.
When your Castor Oil Pack is done. Your Therapist will conduct the Coffee Enema using your own Enema Bucket and the first round of coffee will reside in the lower portion of the colon. You will hold the coffee for 10 minutes. When the time is completed you will release on the toilet. A second round of coffee is taken and holding for 10 minutes more. Then release and finish up.
You can take your coffee enema bucket home (a $10 value) and if you would like the recipe to do this at home I would be happy to share it with you. Gravity sells all the items needed to do a coffee enema such as castor oil, flannel, enema bucket, coffee.
Preference: Coffee enemas should be done earlier in the day not later then 3 pm and should be scheduled after a morning bowel movement or colonic session. Two coffee enemas may be done within one week spaced 48 hours apart.

If you are pregnant or have caffeine sensitivity it is not recommended to do a coffee enema.


Donna Perrone
Founder, Gravity East Village, Inc.


Schedule A Coffee Enema Session Today!
INTRODUCTORY PRICE:  $125  (reg. price $140)
(to be used within 30 days of purchase.)
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
212 388 9788
COFFEE ENEMA BENEFITS – This is a magnificent, highly efficient procedure to eliminate ongoing, but still bio-accumulating toxic residues from exposure to dietary and environmental toxins. THIS INFO FROM NATURALNEWS.COMIf you are truly serious about transforming your health in dramatic ways, implementing coffee enemas into your regular routine is essential for achieving the life-changing results you have always desired. No matter what dietary protocols, exercise routines, or lifestyle habits you embrace, coffee enemas can help you reach the next level of vibrant health that you might not have even thought possible. Here are seven specific ways that coffee enemas can drastically improve your health:1) Coffee enemas reduce levels of systemic toxicity by up to 700 percent. According to the late Dr. Max Gerson, a pioneer of coffee enema therapy and its effectiveness as part of his famous Gerson Diet, caffeine and other beneficial compounds in coffee stimulate the production of glutathione S-transferase (GST) in the liver. GST is said to be the “master detoxifier” in the body, as this powerful enzyme binds with toxins throughout the body and flushes them out during the enema process.According to a 1982 study conducted by the National Research Council (NRC), the effect of green coffee bean consumption on the production of GST in test mice was an astounding 600 percent increase in the liver, and a 700 percent increase in the small intestine. In humans, the effect is similar, if not amplified, during a coffee enema, as coffee is able to directly stimulate the liver without having to first run through the digestive tract. The result is a powerful detoxifying effect that is unmatched by sheer diet alone.


2) Coffee enemas cleanse and heal the colon and digestive tract, improve peristalsis. Besides detoxifying, coffee enemas also cleanse and flush the digestive tract and colon without substantially disrupting the beneficial flora that populate a healthy gut. By regularly taking coffee enemas, you will not only help keep your digestive tract clean and free of debris and toxic buildup, but you will also promote healthy peristalsis, which is the series of organized muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract and the tubular organs that connect to the kidneys and bladder.


3) Coffee enemas boost energy levels, improve mental clarity and mood. As with any detox protocol, the body is effectively ridding itself of poisons that sludge up the blood; decrease oxygen transfer; and clog up the intestines, all of which generally leave a person feeling fatigued and ill. A coffee enema is a particularly effective detoxifier; however, as the direct absorption of caffeine and palmitates into the bloodstream stimulates the release of bile and the efficient removal of wastes from the body in one fell swoop. The end result is a detoxifying release so powerful that many people describe it as a “high” marked by significantly improved energy levels, enhanced mental clarity, and better moods.

4) Coffee enemas eliminate parasites, candida. Because of the immense toxic load that results from regular exposure to chemicals in food, water, air, and the environment, the body is often unable to fully and effectively eliminate all toxins and maintain homeostasis by itself. Intestinally, this can result in a gradual buildup of impacted fecal matter, parasites, candida, and other toxins. Coffee enemas; however, can effectively alleviate all this by fully irrigating and flushing the colon in such a way as to break up these “nests” of disease, and eliminate them from the body.

5) Coffee enemas detoxify, repair liver. If you regularly suffer from symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, flatulence, and other problems commonly associated with poor digestion, chances are your liver is overburdened and not functioning up to par. Coffee enemas are an excellent way to fix this; however, as the coffee and all of its nutrients are directly absorbed into the liver through the colon wall, where they take on the immense toxic load that the liver is otherwise unable to process quickly enough on its own.


6) Coffee enemas relieve chronic pain, ease “die-off” symptoms during cleanses, detox regimens. Interestingly, one of the earliest known uses for enemas was as a pain reliever. During World War I, nurses actually discovered that water enemas effectively relieved soldiers’ pain when drugs like morphine were in short supply. Fast forward about a decade and researchers out of Germany had made the discovery that coffee worked even better than water at offering powerful analgesic benefits, which can be particularly helpful when undergoing other dietary cleanses and detoxes that cause “die-off” and other pain symptoms.

7) Coffee enemas heal and prevent chronic illness. Ultimately, coffee enemas are one of the most effective ways to maintain a clean body that is free of disease. Even if you already suffer from a debilitating, chronic illness such as cancer, coffee enemas can provide both relief and healing without the need for drugs. This is why Dr. Gerson placed so much emphasis on coffee enemas as a key component of his cancer-curing Gerson Therapy, which you can learn more about here:




Monday, January 19, 2015

8 pm – 10 pm

Cost: $25.00 Includes Handout Information Package Sent By Email
You will receive a link and can watch the class online.
You can type in questions or unmute yourself to speak.Reservations must be made in advance!
To pay in advance:

With Paypal or Call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788 To pay with a credit card by phone.
This informational lecture prepares you to do a cleanse on your own.

Gallbladder Flush 2013
Gallbladder Flush 2013
Just about everyone has gallstones. They are formed in the liver and are found also in the gallbladder and the connecting ducts. When doing a gallbladder/liver flush you can pass hundreds of green and beige colored gallstones. Gallstones are primarily made of cholesterol as the main ingredient (95%), bile, and calcium salts. They are congealed clumps of bile that are invisible to any x-ray or ultra sound technology. An ultra-sound will detect a fatty liver when the cholesterol based stones are blocking the liver and ducts and will show a completely white picture instead of black. A fatty liver can accumulate 20,000 stones before it succumbs to suffocation and ceases to function.
Gallstones are a contributing factor to most diseases. Any obstruction in the body will cause stress and toxicity and will be a major reason why people become ill and have difficulty
recovering from disease.
By doing a gallbladder flush you will take steps to restore your liver. You will improve your health, vitality, energy, and youthfulness. A cleaner liver brings a new lease on life. By decongesting the liver and gallbladder the body’s 60-100 trillion cells will breathe more oxygen, receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, eliminate metabolic waste products, and maintain perfect communication links with nervous system, endocrine system,
and every part of the body.
There are two methods of doing a gallbladder flush that we will discuss. You will decide which method best suits you. There is a 4 Day or 6 Day ‘Preparation’ to choose from. We will cover step by step instructions and you will receive a handout information package. I will be available to take your phone call if you have any questions during your process at no additional charge.


‘Celebrate Essential Oils!’

‘Essential Oils to Protect Yourself and Family from Colds, Flu, and Cough this Winter Season!’


Saturday, January 17, 2015
6 pm- 8 pm

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
BTW: Avenue A & Avenue B

Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button

(If you are an existing member/distributor of Young Living outside of
Gravity East Village the class fee is $20.00. No solicitation permitted.)

Please reserve your seat by email-  Donna@GRAVITYEASTVILLAGE.COM
or call 212 388 9788.
Space is Limited!
Please include your Full Name and Phone #.          

Be prepared for a vibrant and healthy winter season!

It’s comforting to know that you can improve your immunity, protect your family from colds and flu, and rarely get sick.

  • You will learn how to use essential oils to boost immunity and prevent illness.
  • How to make a cough remedy using essential oils from the bible and amazon rainforest
  • How to make an immune boosting tea using essential
  • How to use essential oils for chest rub and bath salts.
  • When, How, and Where to apply essential oils to shorten illness and recover quickly.
Bring a friend and receive a free gift.
**If your friend purchases a starter kit, they too will receive a free gift.

Get lucky ~~ Win essential oil goodies in our free raffle!

We will discuss the basics of essential oils usage before moving on to our special topic for the evening.

YUMMY BONUS:  Sip Homemade Raw Almond Milk flavored with delicious Young Living Lavender.

Reservations a must!



You will learn how therapeutic grade essential oils
can enhance your health and well-being!

Young Living Logo

Experience for yourself!  Oils will be shared!     

A Workshop of Discovery and Experience!      

~Touch~Experience~Taste~ a variety of Young Living essential oils and products!



BRIAN CLEMENT -Director of:



Tuesday, February 24, 2015

7 pm – 9:15 pm

Doors open at 6:40 pm

Chelsea Studios 
151 West 26 Street
BTW: 7 – 8 Ave.
$15 Paid In Advance by February 20th to Reserve Your Seat.
$25 Cash Paid at the Door

Reserve Your Seat by Paying In Advance with Paypal


Call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788 to pay by credit card.

Dr. Clement will explore 50 years of clinical research and human experience on the subject of disease prevention and life extension. He will explain how fear, directly impacted by cultural, societal, and lifestyle choices, can ultimately lead to disease. Discovering the connection between emotional distraught and disconnect and people developing this disorder. His clinical research as Director of Hippocrates Heath Institute offers him a private understanding of how all people can prevent fear, anxiety, disease, and resulting unhappiness.

Dr. Brian Clement

Speaker Biography


Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., L.N. has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for more than three and one-half decades. He is the Director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida (U.S.A.), the world’s foremost complementary residential health center. Over the last half century he and his team have pioneered clinical research and training in disease prevention using hundreds of thousands of participants who provided volumes of data, giving Clement a privileged insight into the lifestyle required to prevent disease, enhance longevity, and maintain vitality. Their findings have provided the basis for Hippocrates progressive, state-of-the-art treatments and programs for health maintenance and recovery—their Life Transformation Program.


Dr. Clements has written 20 plus books focused on health, spirituality and natural healing. Among them are “Living Foods for Optimum Health”, “Longevity”, “Lifeforce”, which Dr. Colin Campbell calls “One of the most important books ever written on nutrition. “Supplements Exposed,” published in 2010, reveals the pharmaceutical fraud rampant in the sales, production, and distribution of worthless and harmful vitamin pills. Additionally, the first volume of Dr. Clements 3 Volume Series, “Food is Medicine” was published in 2012 along with his “7 keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality.”


Dr. Clement is a devoted husband and a caring father of four, who along with his wife, Dr. Anna Maria Gahns-Clement, Co-Directs the Hippocrates Health Institute. In addition to his research studies, Clement conducts conferences worldwide on attaining health and creating longevity, giving humanity a roadmap for redirecting, enriching and extending their lives.


A Naturopathic Doctor and a licensed Nutritionist, Dr. Clements is a graduate of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology where he earned his Ph.D. and N.M.D.






We would like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope your holiday has been joyous. Perhaps, the last few weeks have taken its toll on your body? Getting ready for the holiday, shopping, preparing, planning, indulges of rich food, sweet foods, and alcohol. Or have you been on the road? On and off a plane? Stressing out, reflecting on the year and feeling a little in the swamp? Or having too much fun that you have overdone it?Gravity East Village offers many services to help you recover and provide help to keep you from feeling ill and to bring in the New Year feeling on Top of the World!

Colon Hydro-therapy – Gently supports the release of toxins that may be holding on that will give your immune system the boost it needs when your body is stressed. Get rid of the bloat, gas, and heavy gut. Clean them pipes out! Feel Better!

Far Infra Red Sauna– Enjoy the heat in our brand new sauna. It is nice to pamper yourself with a private session or can share our sauna with a friend. Experience the penetrating infra red radiant waves that will improve circulation, better immunity and provide increased circulation. This is a great way to avoid getting sick and to cleanse you body of toxins and heavy metal toxicity.

Therapeutic Massage – When was your last massage? Barbara and Marcela are terrific! They are licensed with many years of experience and are able to treat any difficult areas that may need some extra attention! What a great way to bring in the New Year with the gift of a therapeutic massage. 60 and 90 minute sessions available. Feel better now!

EFT –  Emotional Freedom Techniques – How do we deal with our stuck emotions? All the anxiety we feel? People use alcohol, food, bad behavior that can be harmful. EFT is a wonderful way to take these stuck feelings and to move it through the body. Julia Lucas can teach you how to do this and to discover what is ailing you that lays deeper. Schedule a session today!

Sound & Vibrational Healing – Here is another way to calm your body during stressful times or when trying to heal from disease. Ever try to meditate but have not been so successful? This therapy can put your brain in the same phase experienced in a deeper meditative state. Kyra will help bring you into a more relaxed you!

Nutritional Counseling – Are you making any New Year’s resolutions? How about living a more healthy lifestyle? For REAL! Donna Perrone teaches a wide variety of classes on eating healthy and guides people through cleansing techniques such as Fasting, Raw Foods, Vegan, Liver Cleansing, Better Nutrition, Heavy Metal Detox, Candida Overgrowth, Parasite Issue and more. Meet with her for a private consultation in person, by phone, or skype/live streaming.

Donna is offering QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis at Gravity and can muscle test clients with Premier Labs supplements that are of the very best quality found! Learn what organ systems may need nutritional / herbal support your body requires. Schedule your appointment today!



Schedule Your Appointment:
Gravity East Village  212 388 9788  515 East 5 Street NYC
Call / TEXT : 646 494 1865

Accent On Wellness will resume in the New Year with new classes and community events. There will be more online access to stay inspired to live a healthy life!

Invite a friend to join our email list, follow us on facebook, meetup, twitter, google.

Best Wishes,

Donna Perrone


Our lymphatic system is complex. It consist of lymph vessels and nodes working to maintain a healthy immune system and to  detoxify the body. Lymph effectiveness can be locally hindered or stopped temporarily
in cases of surgery, trauma, infection, burns, fatigue, stress, and age. Lymph Drainage is a very specific, precise stimulation of Lymph Nodes and Vessels by a hands on technique similar to massage but more specific to the exact anatomy of the Lymphatic System. As a Practitioner, I tune into the direction and quality of the lymphatic flow so I can achieve a more precise results.

Kathleen Steindler’s Bio        
A lightening strike in August of ’93 propelled me into this work. I was preparing a family dinner when I answered the telephone. Lightening struck through the phone receiver and entered my chin moving over and through my torso at the speed of light to exit my hip. In a painless unconscious flight across the kitchen, witnessed by my family, I woke to the account of the strike. I was unaware of the trauma and felt absolutely fine and very calm. Repercussions from the lightening strike were relatively simple at first. There was a small half inch entrance burn on my chin, an inch and a half exit wound in my hip, and a rash over my torso that looked like a fan of lightening strikes in red and a bump on the back of my head. Doctors told me I was very lucky when they couldn’t find any problems. Four years later  the pain appeared  where the exit burn had been. The nerve pain spread throughout the left half of my body. I know personally the wonders of receiving real help and relief from therapists that have a gift of listening and understanding the human body. It has given me a commitment to facilitating healing for others. I refer clients when necessary to therapists of different disciplines. A sliding scale is in place so people can afford facilitated and accelerated healing.

I  have practiced lymph drainage for 17 years. I practiced in Texas and Wyoming for 9 years  and NYC for 8 years. I love the work and have enjoyed so many interesting and courageous clients.

Though my passion is Lymph Drainage, I have acquired skills to address the body as a whole as I care for people.

As a lymphatic therapist,
I have had measurable results for my clients with many different health problems. The most common applications of lymph drainage is for the cancer survivors with lymph node dissection, vulnerable to lymphedema.  Lymph drainage is prescribed for primary lymphedema patients & people experiencing congestion in any area of the body. Lymph drainage is the only prescribed therapy for lymphedema. And a great alternative to diuretics for edema. Lymph drainage can also prevent secondary lymphedema caused by surgery. The Lymphatics are the body’s significant system for preventing  and dealing with disease by dispatching white blood cells where and when they are needed. In all cases lymph drainage is very calming and healing.  Patients come to facilitate healing of toxicity, swelling, pain and over all wellness.                          

Testimonials: Bladder Cancer: During Kathleen’s treatment I feel pure caring compassion. Her hands  gently traverse an invisible roadmap of lymph and my immune system gets the little boost. my body needs to have healing progress,  My sleep quality also improves. -Irene                                 

Professional  Treatment:  Kathleen’s touch is gentle and yet her work goes deep. The lymph work was especially effective after a sinus infection that left a lot  of pain in my teeth.  -Catherine
Kathleen had helped me rid a fibroid in my breast very quickly! She also helped relieve a sinus infection that persisted last year. Her work really made a difference in my getting better! I am so pleased that she will share her talents with our clients.
– Donna Perrone, Founder Gravity East Village

Schedule an appointment today! Call 212 388 9788. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your appointment.

Kathleen is here in NYC for a limited time and will be visiting on an often on-going basis.  
She is available on 12/19 – 9 am to 12 pm , 12/20 – 9 am to 11 am. 12/22 – 12 pm to 4 pm, and she is available on 12/24.

Fee: $150 per 60 minute session. We accept cash, visa or mastercard.

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