Calling All Women! Attend a GODDESS GROUP!

Book Circle – School Of Womanly Arts by Regina Thomashauer aka Mama Gena



Have you heard of Mama Gena? Well, I am a graduate of her Mastery and Creation courses at The School of Womanly Arts.. I have had a life changing experience and major shift in my life as a result of exploring what it means to be a woman in today’s world.

I would like to bring a taste of what it means to be a Sister Goddess to you by starting this book club. Each month we will read from Mama Gena’s first book, ‘The School of
Womanly Arts’ and research many of the ideas presented such as: et lotus

-To Identify Our Desires
-Create a World of Pleasure and Fulfillment
-Love and Accept Ourselves as We Are and Embrace Our Beauty
-Have more Abundance and Success
-To Get Unstuck
-Explore How to Have Greater Success with Men
-To Befriend your inner Bitch
-To Celebrate what it Means to Be a Woman Today!

Study Books will be provided. Exercises will be explored. This will be a Sharing Circle.

The aim of this group is to uplift every woman and to create a life that goes beyond your dreams and expectations!

All the Best,
Donna Perrone aka Sister Goddess Detox Diva


Goddess Group is for Women Only!

FRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015
7 pm – 9 pm
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw: Avenue A & Avenue B
Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button

Eventbrite - GODDESS GROUP - BOOK CIRCLE with Donna Perrone

Please email your full name and phone # to
You will be called the day of the class to confirm your attendance.

Join Brian ClementJune 2nd, 3rd, & 4th to learn about The Real Truth About Health


Meet Brian Clement PhD LN at this free seminar on health and wellness.Brian has been a world leader on health and wellness for over 43 years and is the Director of Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida.
Brian will share with you the real truth about health and how you can begin to feel better than ever.
Brian has spoken worldwide and been featured on TV and radio and has been written about in magazines and newspapers all over the world.
When you attend this free seminar you’ll get a discount coupon that’s good for saving money on Hippocrates’ life transforming health and wellness program.
Seating is limited and you’ll need to pre-register at

All three events are free!

Learn how to unlock the door to longevity and vitality!

All Attendees are eligible for 10% off 3 week Life Transformation Program
($600.00 Minimum Value)

Tuesday June 2 @ NYU Film Center
6:30-8:30PM (DOOR OPEN AT 6:00)

Wednesday June 3 @ Lubvitch Yeshiva
7:30-9:30PM (DOORS OPEN AT 6:30)

Thursday June 4 @ The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Avenue New York, NY
6:30-8:30PM (DOOR OPEN AT 6:00)

Brian Clement Ph.D., L.N.

Brian Clement, Ph.D., L.N. has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for more than three and one-half decades. He is the Director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, Florida (U.S.A.), the world’s foremost complementary residential health center. Over the last half century he and his team have pioneered clinical research and training in disease prevention using hundreds of thousands of participants who provided volumes of data, giving Clement a privileged insight into the lifestyle required to prevent disease, enhance longevity, and maintain vitality. Their findings have provided the basis for Hippocrates progressive, state-of-the-art treatments and programs for health maintenance and recovery—their Life Transformation Program.

Brian Clement has written 20 plus books focused on health, spirituality and natural healing. Among them are “Living Foods for Optimum Health”, “Longevity”, “Lifeforce”, which Dr. Colin Campbell calls “One of the most important books ever written on nutrition. “Supplements Exposed,” published in 2010, reveals the pharmaceutical fraud rampant in the sales, production, and distribution of worthless and harmful vitamin pills. Additionally, the first volume of Brian Clement’s 3 Volume Series, “Food is Medicine” was published in 2012 along with his “7 keys to Lifelong Sexual Vitality.”

Brian Clement is a devoted husband and a caring father of four, who along with his wife, Anna Maria Gahns-Clement Ph.D., L.N., Co-Directs the Hippocrates Health Institute. In addition to his research studies, Clement conducts conferences worldwide on attaining health and creating longevity, giving humanity a roadmap for redirecting, enriching and extending their lives.

A Licensed Nutritionist, Brian Clement is a graduate of the University of Science, Arts, and Technology where he earned his Ph.D.

Do you have more questions? We would be happy to answer them!
Hippocrates Health Institute Program Consultants: (561) 623-1002
or Contact the host at MJFGOGETTER@YAHOO.COM (216) 214-2668


NEWLIFE Health & Wellness Expo

Hotel Pennsylvania – New York

05/29/15 – 05/31/15
401 7th Ave New York, NY 10001


Donna Perrone @ New Life Expo!

Come Check It Out!

LECTURE: Friday, 7 pm

Understand: the Principles of Health, the Benefits to Increasing The Amount of Raw Food in your Diet, Meal Plan Options & Recipe Ideas, the Common Sense of Food Combining and the Gentle Transition needed to incorporate these key elements into a Healthy Lifestyle! Donna Perrone is a certified Colon Hydro-therapist with her own wellness center ‘Gravity East Village’, and the facilitator of the raw food group, “Accent on Wellness” since 1995.



with Dr. Robert Young, Donna Perrone, Dr. Sergey Kalitenko, James Min., Peter Goldberg, Pamela

You Are What You Eat. Learn about how Nutrition,Superfoods, Raw Foods, Cleansing, Acid-Alkaline Balance and Different Diets affect our emotional physical and spiritual health as our experts discuss how Nutrition has emerged as an alternative and adjunctive therapy for virtually all areas of health care. Learn about how to choose a diet and what supplements to take. The nineties have shown that learning the proper diet and nutrient supplementation is the key to health. Medical research has shown that nutrition is necessary in the prevention and treatment of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. The National Cancer Institute has stated that over 30% of all cancers could be avoided through diet modification and as much as 90% could be prevented if environmental carcinogens are avoided.” This is going to be a must see for the health conscious individual given by these leading nutritionists. Remember “You Are What You Eat.” This is our most controversial panel.  



Meet Louisiana Zinn

Your Spiritual Consultant.

Zinn Smaller
Are You Psychically Awake? Louisiana is a highly respected professional psychic with an established track record. Zinn connects with hearts, minds and souls of her clients, using her special abilities to help them envision their future and guide their own destiny. She offers a holistic approach to success – one that connects the heart and mind…and allows you an opportunity to take control of your personal, professional and physical fates.

Fate versus free will. Destiny versus determination. Do we control our future? Our personal and profession success? Our health and well-being? Or is it Preordained by a higher power, a force greater than ourselves?

Louisiana asserts that the answer is not an either-or. Instead it is a yes to both.

Our future successes and well-being require both a discovery of individual destiny and a willingness to take action. Or, in other words, self-empowerment based on a combination of fate and free will.

Is this odd? No. Motivators – whether discussing sales enhancement or good managements skills — have been saying the same for years. But where they’ve used words and statistics, Zinn provides specific tools: Manifestation, Meditation, Visualization, Spiritual counseling, Holistic healing.

Her presentations include:
~Motivating from Within
~Abundance & Prosperity
~Metaphysics for Success

Her easy-to-learn, practical techniques help others to discover their own personal identities, as well as, to empower themselves toward action.

Call for information about individual sessions.

Schedule your appointment with Louisiana Zinn at Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.INTRODUCTORY OFFER
Schedule a session with Louisiana and receive $20 OFF the regular price of $200.
That makes a 50 minute session $180!
The offer is available till June 1st.

Gravity East Village   515 East 5 Street NYC

Listen To My Interview With Louisiana Zinn!

On the topic of psychic development.GO HERE TO LISTEN:

Sunday, April 26, 2015
1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Integral Yoga Institute
227 West 13th Street
(between 7th and 8th avenues)
Cost: $25.00 Includes Handout Information PackageTo register in advance to secure your seat:

or call (212) 929-0585

This informational lecture prepares you to do a cleanse on your own.

Gallbladder Flush 2013
Gallbladder Flush 2013
Just about everyone has gallstones. They are formed in the liver and are found also in the gallbladder and the connecting ducts. When doing a gallbladder/liver flush you can pass hundreds of green and beige colored gallstones. Gallstones are primarily made of cholesterol as the main ingredient (95%), bile, and calcium salts. They are congealed clumps of bile that are invisible to any x-ray or ultra sound technology. An ultra-sound will detect a fatty liver when the cholesterol based stones are blocking the liver and ducts and will show a completely white picture instead of black. A fatty liver can accumulate 20,000 stones before it succumbs to suffocation and ceases to function.
Gallstones are a contributing factor to most diseases. Any obstruction in the body will cause stress and toxicity and will be a major reason why people become ill and have difficulty recovering from disease.
By doing a gallbladder flush you will take steps to restore your liver. You will improve your health, vitality, energy, and youthfulness. A cleaner liver brings a new lease on life. By decongesting the liver and gallbladder the body’s 60-100 trillion cells will breathe more oxygen, receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, eliminate metabolic waste products, and maintain perfect communication links with nervous system, endocrine system, and every part of the body.
There are two methods of doing a gallbladder flush that we will discuss. You will decide which method best suits you. There is a 4 Day or 6 Day ‘Preparation’ to choose from. We will cover step by step instructions and you will receive a handout information package. I will be available to take your phone call if you have any questions during your process at no additional charge.
Hello Subscribers To Gravity East Village,
I am pleased to announce that I am hosting a monthly internet radio program called

‘The Good Health Workshop’on I will host the show along with Rhio, Bob Dagger – High Vibe store, and Leigh Crizoe.
You can listen to SHOW #3 – podcast at:


 Join Host Donna Perrone when she interviews professional Psychic, Louisiana Zinn on the topic of psychic development.

 Donna Perrone, Host                      Louisiana Zinn, Guest
Check Out Other Archive Shows!
Vitality Clear By In 2008 – 2009, Donna Perrone and Michael Perrine hosted ‘Vitality’ an internet radio program through to Vitality archived at:

Enjoy interviews with David Wolfe, Dr. Fred Bisci, Lalita Salas of Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Viktoras Kulvinskas, Matt Monarch, Paul Nison and more!Special Thanks to Pete Calandra for his musical contribution.
You can find his music on itunes!

Time to Clean House!

Lighten Up at Gravity East Village!

  It is Spring Time! It was a long cold snowy winter and spring has finally arrived in NYC! Indeed, New Yorkers are very eager and grateful to have some good weather. Finally!

Spring is a great time to cleanse your body with the use of many of our services.
Some great tips for rejuvenation is to lighten up your food intake by adding more fruit, salad and veggies to your meals. The plant based foods move through the body cleanly and are energetically sound to turn on your detox faucet!
Drink vegetable juices, green smoothies, savory raw blends that will nourish your body and has a life force that will make for a more energetic YOU!
Spring Time Is A Great Time To Recharge And Start A New!
Whether you are ready to start a fast or just want to do a little Spring Cleaning of your body a Colonic can help you feel your best! Colon Hydro-therapy can aid your colon to clear unwanted waste, cellular debris, mucus, fats, toxins, unfriendly microbes, gas/bloat out of the body. A true cleansing experience involves a colon that avoids reabsorbing waste materials.A colonic is not just about clearing the large intestine
it supports the whole body!Click Here To Learn More: 

The Real Truth About Food Comes Out In The End.. :)
Gravity is offering Coffee Enema sessions! Your session will include aromatherapy, a castor oil pack and two coffee enema rounds. Coffee Enemas are a great way to cleanse your liver and you can take advantage of a special price when you schedule a Colonic and Coffee Enema package! Call Gravity and we are happy to answer your questions.Click Here To Learn More:

Enjoy a private Infrared Sauna session at Gravity! Sauna sessions are great for improving circulation, relieving pain, detoxing heavy metals, chemical toxicity, and for removing lotions/makeup from your skin. We are exposed to heavy metals in our environment everyday and it is essential to include ways the body can rid itself of exposure. A sauna session is a wonderful way to relax in our brand new sauna.Click Here To Learn More:

When was your last Therapeutic Massage? Did you know that Gravity has two wonderful licensed Massage Therapists? Barbara and Marcela can help move the stiffness out of your body, work on those difficult areas, create better circulation and help you to feel better and become more relaxed!
Treat yourself with self care!Click Here To Learn More: you always wanted to experience a cleanse but not sure how to proceed? Donna Perrone teaches workshops such as Liver Cleansing/Gallbladder Flush, Juice Fasting/Nutritional Cleanse, 7 Ways To Detox Your Body, Candida Cleanse, Parasite Cleanse, and Raw Foods/ Vegan Lifestyle.Schedule a Nutritional Consultation to get started or fine tune what you know to achieve greater success!

Donna can meet with you at Gravity or counsel by phone or Skype.

Donna is a trained QRA Practitioner – Quantum Reflex Analysis, which is a Japanese technique of muscle testing. She can help determine what Nutritionals are needed.

Donna will test you with Premier Research Labs fine quality supplements.

Click Here To Learn More:

Gravity East Village is located downtown, and we offer:       
Two Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Rooms,
State of the Art Filtration System,
Private Infrared Sauna Sessions For One or Two people,
Therapeutic Massage Therapy,
QRA – Quantum Reflex Analysis,
Nutritional Consultations,
Sound And Vibrational Healing
Have any questions? Please contact us to schedule an appointment.
We have a staff of certified therapists available if you would like to come in with a friend.
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
between Avenue A  Avenue B
Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button
212 388 9788
TEXT: 646 494 1865
Check out our improved website that includes video bios of our therapists!HAPPY SPRING!
Gravity East Village, Inc.


Introducing Elspeth Kincaid…


Reiki Sessions Available at Gravity East Village
What is Reiki?
 Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which literally means universal life energy in Japanese. It’s based on the principle that through the palm of the hand one can channel energy from the Universe into oneself or another person, which then activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being. What is the benefit to getting reiki?

Reiki has an enormous amount of healing benefits which include the following:

  • Frees the mind which helps promote concentration and eliminates headaches and stress
  • Aids to physical pain
  • Helps promote the elimination of toxins on the body, which heightens energy and aids sleep
  • Dissolves energy blocks which promote balance between mind, body and spirit
  • Ignites spiritual growth and emotional healing
  • Creates deep relaxation

Fabulous Rate On Reiki!!
The Price for a Reiki Therapy session is
  • 60 minutes $80!!

Schedule your appointment by calling Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.

Check out our new and improved website 
Elspeth Kincaid has been studying metaphysics for over ten years in areas such as astrology, numerology, and tarology. Never to tell the future, Elspeth is committed to use such tools to bring about self awareness. “I believe that self awareness is essential in the process of healing. Those who want to be healed, know they need to be healed.” These studies, which brought about self awareness in her own life, immediately led Elspeth to search out experiences in holistic practices such as acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, and reiki. Through this process, Elspeth encountered life changing spiritual transformations that led to physical and emotional health. “Because of my own miraculous healing experiences through reiki and other holistic practices, I have dedicated my life to serving others in the form of healing.”

Soon there after, Elspeth began to study reiki and has received her reiki certification from The New York International Center for Reiki Training, First and Second Degree Reiki, taught by Ana and Carlos Gonzalez. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique which literally means universal life energy in Japanese. It’s based on the principle that through the palm of the hand one can channel energy from the Universe into oneself or another person, which then activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being.


Claire McCormack of Travel Beauty got up-close and personal with Donna Perrone, owner of Gravity East Village, to uncover what led Perrone down the path of holistic health and well being expert…and to find out what beauty and wellness secrets she has to share!

READ HERE:  Part 1

Welcome back for Part II of Travel Beauty’s interview with health and wellness expert, Donna Perrone, owner of Gravity East Village.

READ HERE:  Part 2

Also: Check out her facebook page:

* Thank you Claire for your great questions and sharing the benefit of using an infra red sauna and receiving colon hydro therapy. Let’s spread the word on wellness as a lifestyle!

Best, Donna Perrone


Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
212 388 9788
Text- 646 494 1865

Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty on All Those Questions You Have Concerning:




What is Candida? Natural Cures
What is Candida? Natural Cures
  • Intestinal Flora
  • Symptoms
  • Protocols
  • Anti-Fungals
  • Yeast
  • Foods To Avoid
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Causes
  • Sugar
  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Essential Oils
  • Digestion
  • Probiotics
  • Acid / Alkaline pH
  • Ailments
  • Fermented Foods
  • Natural Remedies
  • Colon Hydro-Therapy
  • Meal Plan Ideas
  • Get Back To Balance!
Go ahead and pick my brain! You will see me on the Webinar, yet only your voice can be audible. You can speak or write your comments and questions. Please keep all outside sounds in the room quiet if choosing to speak.Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not give advice, or diagnosis. This forum is for general educational purposes and I recommend that if you have any concern about your health that you contact your health care professional.
Please let me know that you will attend and I will send you a link that you will open at the time of the meeting. You can participate or observe. You can share this link with anyone you wish!

Monday, April 13, 2015
8 pm – 9 pm EST
You can log in at any time.

Please RSVP your full name and phone # to confirm to or call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788. Please plan this in advance so I can send you the link.

Learn more about Donna Perrone @

Schedule a Nutritional Consultation with Donna Perrone
Would you like a private consultation to address your questions and have a detailed protocol to work with? Donna can meet with you at GEV or talk over Skype and address your questions and concerns. She will help you develop a meal plan which includes recipes and go over what nutritionals can be helpful. She will spend 2 hours with you. Donna is trained in Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) and can muscle test you for the nutritionals you may need as part of your program. You will receive a written outline and package of information as your guide.
2 Hour Consultation – $200

1 1/2 Hour Consultation – $150 – Without QRA

Call GEV 212 388 9788 to schedule an appointment.