BLOG:Frankincense Essential Oil with Cynthia Shankman

  Frankincense Has So Much To Offer CHECK OUT MY VIDEO BLOG! FRANKINCENSE Here is an excerpt of a recent class at Gravity East Village on an ‘Introduction to Essential Oils’ with Cynthia Shankman.Here she shares her great wisdom on the benefit of using Frankincense therapeutic oil from Young Living.Accent on Wellness offers classes regularly on these wonderful oils many used topically, inhalation, and ingested. Our next class is tomorrow! http://www.donnaperrone.comTo purchase any Young Living Products please call Gravity East […]

BLOG: Are You Addicted?

I was left in the dark this recently due to the destructive nature of Hurricane Sandy. I had some quiet time to work on a new class called ‘Are You Addicted?’ which will cover our relationship with sugar, caffeine, cacao and why we feel the need to be stimulated. Take a walk down any street in New York and you will find a Starbucks or coffee house. Even in the East Village when there is no power I see the […]