Accent On Wellness

Accent on Wellness began in 1995 in New York City. As a volunteer, Donna Perrone organizes, hosts guest speakers, and is a group facilitator for this healthy lifestyle transition group.

Accent on Wellness offers workshops such as Healthy Transition, Juice Fasting/Blended Food Cleanse, Candida Recovery, Gallbladder Flush Group, 12 Steps To Raw Food, and Overcoming Food Cravings.

From the beginning, Edward Lieb produced the Accent on Wellness TV show that was made famous by Matthew Grace. Then, Tom Coviello and Donna Perrone were facilitators of the raw food support/discussion group known as Accent on Wellness. This forum allowed for those in transition to receive support, inspiration and knowledge to make safe, responsible changes in their diet.

AOW hosts guest speakers such as Brian Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute, Matt Monarch, Dr. Thomas Lodi, Paul Nison, Amy Rachelle, Jenny Cornbleet, “Sproutman” Steve Meyerowitz, Aris La Tham, among others.

Accent on Wellness offers a Raw Food Potluck featuring themes such as Aloha Hawaii, Talent Nite, Fabulous 60’s, Celebrate Asia, Best Dish Contest and more. Special thanks to volunteer Bobbie Flowers for his help and dedication. Enjoy our garden at Gravity East Village!

Dr. Fred BisciAOW hosts Movie Nite, and features screenings of health and wellness films such as ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’, ‘Simply Raw- Raw For 30 Days’,  ‘SuperCharge Me’ and ‘The Secret.’

Other Meetup events include:

  • Dinner at terrific NYC raw food restaurants such as Caravan of Dreams, Rawlicious, & Gingersnaps Organic,
  • Group Hiking excursions,
  • Nature Walks with Wildman Steve Brill

The aim of Accent on Wellness is to offer support, share information and to create a community. The emphasis is to increase the amount of raw food in ones diet, to cleanse the body properly, to nourish the body, and to create optimal health.Paul Nison

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