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Colon Health 101

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Colon Health – The Inner Cleansing

When I mention the word ‘Colonic’ many people feel a little uncomfortable. However, there is so much to benefit gained with a cleaner, healthier colon.

Many people will say doesn’t my system do a good job of eliminating on its own? After all I have a bowel movement everyday! Truthfully, for many of us what goes in doesn’t necessarily all exit the body successfully.  Most of our clients remark at how surprised that so much came out during the length of the session.

Here is a quote from Dr. J.H. Kellogg, who administered Colonics to his patients in the 1900s, he touted the benefits of colon hydrotherapy as a means to clean the internal body naturally, while eating a high fiber diet and many fresh vegetables. “We are literally poisoning ourselves into illness when the bowel evacuation is deficient,” said Kellogg in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1917.

The colon may be the most overlooked function of the body because it naturally eliminates on its own. However, after years of building up impacted waste along the colon’s wall, the toxins may get reabsorbed. If this happens, like Kellogg believed, it effects the body’s tissues and the cells become capable of triggering a variety of illnesses.

Most people are trilled to report having one bowel movement a day, yet when we eat 3 meals a day plus snacks the reality is that our system is holding on to more waste then what is eliminated. Ideally, we should have a bowel movement after each meal. It should leave the body with ease and it’s supposed to feel like a true empty feeling when accomplished. Think belly button can touch your spine feeling!

When was the last time you felt like that?

The digestive system can become sluggish due to poor eating choices, late night eating, dehydration, emotional stress, medications, a low thyroid, hormone shifts, overeating and more. This can lead to an impacted colon that is congested and bloated. When the colon is stressed the whole body will be affected by the toxic overload due to the toxins being reabsorbed.

There are many benefits associated with Colon Hydro therapy:  less constipation, clear thinking, increased energy, better absorption of nutrients, a better mood, weight loss, radiant glowing skin, improved immunity, increased oxygen flow in the blood stream and a clean colon.

Peristalsis is the wave-like motion of the entire digestive tract.  Without good peristalsis, waste matter can back up in the colon and begin to putrefy through bacterial action, which gives off toxic wastes that can paralyze the colon and make it sluggish. As Colonics strengthen and tone the colon, toxic acids and gases which irritate the nerves and muscles of that organ are eliminated, thus encouraging a return to vibrant health with normal peristalsis and regular evacuation.


Problems with the other major organs of elimination, the lungs, kidneys, skin and liver often improve as you continue your colon cleansing program. These organs are relieved of handling the overload, and can return to their own work, better able to perform their proper function. For this reason, colonic irrigation has often been called the forgotten key to health.

*Exerpts taken from: Hippocrates magazine vol 17 Issue 2 page 3



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Colon Hydro-Therapy replenishes not only the colon, but renews the entire body.

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