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Have you ever experienced a colonic? Or has it been a while since your last treatment? Did you know that the healthier your diet the more colon hydro-therapy is essential to your lifestyle. On a highly cleansing diet that includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and vegetable juices the body tends to cleanse on a cellular level. To insure that your body is able to eliminate properly colon hydro-therapy will support a responsible approach to your healthy diet. If you are feeling a little sluggish, weighed down, bloated, weak, moody, anxious it may be time for a session. Or if a raw foods diet isn’t working for you and you wonder why then scheduling a colonic can help to replenish and rejuvenate your body.

Yes, Colonics can be very helpful. We have seen people heal themselves of all kinds of disease with a change in diet, lifestyle and including Colonics. Afterall, The Body Can Heal Itself!

At this time of year you may feel a cold or flu symptoms coming on. Colon hydrotherapy can help to give your immune system a boost, support your Lymphatic System, increase oxygen flow in the blood and improve circulation. By emptying the colon all your vital organs can perform better to heal your body and help you to feel your best.

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Gravity colonics generate a simultaneous in-flow and out-flow of water, facilitating an effective and through cleansing of the colon while providing a comfortable session for our clients. Colon Hydro-therapy is essential for alleviating gas, constipation, headaches, sluggishness, acne, rashes, poor digestion, candida, weight issues among others. You will receive nutritional counseling with every
hands-on treatment.

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Gravity East Village is located downtown, and we offer:


Two Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Rooms,
State of the Art Filtration System,
Infra-Red Sauna,

Nutritional Consultations,
Workshops on Detoxification & Nutrition

Gravity East Village
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