Come to Gravity and enjoy a 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna session. We have a brand new Clearlight sauna, the official sauna Hippocrates Health Institute recommends and uses.
Of course, saunas are a relaxing and pleasurable activity. At Gravity you will enjoy a private sauna session or share our sauna with a friend. I always feel much more comfortable alone in our sauna then sharing a sauna with multitudes of people at the Russian Bath house.
There are benefits to using an infrared sauna over a regular sauna. You will flush out toxins. You will sweat and this helps to flush out toxins from the body that reduces toxic overload. With an infrared sauna the sweating is deeper and more profuse, enabling your body to excrete a higher percentage of toxins than with a conventional sauna. Infrared saunas run 20-60 degrees lower, making it easier to tolerate the heat which makes it more comfortable.

We are exposed to pollution, chemical toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. Saunas can help the body cleanse chemical and heavy metal toxicity that can be stored in organs and tissues. Infrared is radiant heat that is readily absorbed and can go all the way to the bone to help rid the body of impurities.
Circulation is improved when using a sauna and all you need is a 15 -20 minute session a few times a week. We book a 30 minute session which provides an ample experience. During your sauna session, you will stimulate better blood flow and circulation throughout the body. This can lower blood pressure and help to relax tight muscles and ease minor aches and pains. Enjoy drug-free pain relief if you have arthritis or troublesome muscle or joint pain that helps reduce stiffness and inflammation.
Infrared’s radiant heat boosts immunity! Feeling a little under the weather? A sauna session can rev up the production of white blood cells and rally your immune system to respond for a speedy recovery.
Look your best by using our sauna to improve skin and reduce signs of aging by stimulating better circulation, blood flow and increases collagen production. Flush out impurities from your skin such as lotions, makeup, cellular debris. Get that radiant appearance!

Weight loss. Yes, you will sweat out some ‘water weight’ during a sauna session that you will restore when you re-hydrate. However, there is evidence that infrared saunas, because of their ability to penetrate the skin more deeply, increases the metabolic rate and can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 – 600 calories in a half hour session. A regular sauna session will not melt away tummy fat, but with a healthy diet and exercise can give your metabolism an extra boost while you are lounge and relax.

Gravity has a sauna that is big enough to lay down in or a couple can share. It has Chromotherapy, and if you choose, can enjoy an assortment of colors or pick one at a time that will light up your session!

Music is available to listen to. Choose classical or ambient world music to calm your mind and  improve your mood.

Gravity does not have a shower. However, we supply a water spritzer to refresh yourself. All clients get a towel to lay on and wrap yourself in and an additional hand towel to remove perspiration.

30 minute Private Infrared Sauna session  $30 includes tax

Package of 6 sessions to be used within 8 weeks – $150 includes tax

Sauna For A Couple  – $50 includes tax

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