BLOG: Let’s Plan A Date For A Class When You Can Attend!



Interested in attending my classes but it never seems to work out?

 How about we make the date the right time for you? I love inspiring others to live a healthy life! I have been teaching classes on wellness and detoxification since 1995 and it is my privilege and joy to share information with you. I thought it an interesting idea to offer you the opportunity to plan a class or a series of classes that can occur at Gravity East Village or at a location near the Manhattan area that works for both of us.

Think about this for a moment. Have you ever thought it a grand idea to bring me into your office and you gather a group of your co-workers for a class on Juice Fasting? How about we meet at my office and you bring your group of family / friends for a night of learning about ways to give up coffee, sugar, and processed foods? Perhaps, your concerned about your loved ones that are powerless over food addiction and nothing would make you more happy then for me to talk to them about ways to have more energy, to eat more veggies, to start juicing and to cut back on animal protein? Sounds good to me!
Get them together and let’s plan a date!
I require a minimum of 6 persons to plan a class at an affordable rate that will include all hand-out information. My classes run from 2 – 3 hours long.
Contact me by email if interested and we can discuss the details. I am generally available on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday evenings. Sunday and weekday hours can be arranged to plan a class.
I am available to meet with you for a private consultation reviewing any of these topics. I meet with clients for Nutritional Consultations at Gravity East Village and can meet over skype or facetime.
I appreciate you checking out my message!
-Donna Perrone
Founder: Gravity East Village
Overcoming Food Addiction – How to make changes that work.
You have a relationship with food; you need it to live. That relationship can take control of you when you eat in a way that may not be balanced or healthful. This class will cover your relationship with food items such as caffeine, sugar, grains, cacao, and dairy, We will address what is hindering you, and show you how you can make a change successfully. Learn to stay conscious every day and make “healthy” your normal state.
This Class Will Cover:
  • Our Relationship with Food
  • Caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Grains
  • Cacao
  • Dairy
  • Address What is Holding You Back
  • Make a Change Successfully
  • Stay Conscious Everyday & Make Healthy Your Normal
Overcoming Food Cravings
In this workshop group we will discuss:
  • the physical and emotional reasons for cooked food dependency
  • tips on how to increase the amount of raw food in your diet
  • the ingredients needed to cope in those challenging moments
  • an understanding of what is needed to succeed
Wellness. Cherish The Journey.
There is so much fear in the world. Life is complicated. Life is a journey that is unique for each individual and each day is a gift that is so precious. We want to be happy, have the life we dream of, yet we often become ‘stuck’ and unable to make the change. Change can feel uncomfortable. In this class you will participate in exercises to help you explore and understand what is holding you back and we will explore the helpful tools to create the foundation for a better life.
In this class we will explore:
  • Address how you may be ‘stuck’ and what is holding you back
  • Take the best care of yourself
  • Receiving
  • Self care
  • Emotions. How to take action to deal with negative emotions
  • Create more joy and fun!
  • Make healthy living your normal. Take it higher!
  • Great tips to increase the amount of raw foods, juicing, healthy food choices into a busy life.
  • Recipe ideas that are quick, easy and satisfying.
Learn how to cherish the journey!
Juice Fasting / Blended Food Cleanse
Fasting helps to cleanse and detoxify the body and helps to alleviate addictive food cravings, overeating, and sluggishness.
We will discuss all aspects to fasting including:
  • how to conduct a fast successfully,
  • why fast?,
  • what to expect when you are fasting,
  • an understanding of how the body cleanses through fasting,
  • tips on making a fast as easy and as pleasant as possible,
  • how to end a fast correctly.
You may attend if you plan to start a fast or will plan to fast in the future.
Rid Your Body of Heavy Metal and Chemical Toxicity!
We will discuss:
  • What are the toxic metals that we are exposed to everyday?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Symptoms of exposure and toxicity
  • Testing
  • What chronic conditions heavy metal poisoning can cause.
  • How to free ourselves of heavy metal toxicity.
7 Ways To Detox Your Body
What is Detoxification?
Who is best suited for a Cleanse?
When is the Best Time to Cleanse?
What is the Benefit of doing a Cleanse?
What to Expect while on a Cleanse.
Achieve the success you Desire!
Donna Perrone will answer your questions and address your concerns regarding this topic.
Topics Include:
1.Healthy Eating
3.Liver Cleansing
4.Heavy Metal Cleanse
5.Lymph Health
6.Colon Cleanse
Ultimate Liver And Gallbladder Flush
By doing a gallbladder flush you will take steps to restore your liver. You will improve your health, vitality, energy, and youthfulness. A cleaner liver brings a new lease on life. By decongesting the liver and gallbladder the body’s 60-100 trillion cells will breathe more oxygen, receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, eliminate metabolic waste products, and maintain perfect communication links with nervous system, endocrine system,
and every part of the body.
There are two methods of doing a gallbladder flush that we will discuss. You will decide which method best suits you. There is a 4 Day or 6 Day ‘Preparation’ to choose from. We will cover step by step instructions and you will receive a handout information package.
This class will cover:
  • What is the function and vital purpose of the gallbladder and liver?
  • What causes gallstones?
  • How do I know if I have gallstones?
  • What health problems can occur when having a stressed liver and gallbladder?
  • Learn how to conduct a Gallbladder/Liver Flush and other ways to cleanse your liver such as coffee enema, castor oil pack and herbal cleanse.
  • By attending this class and receiving all the valuable information that is clearly explained in detail you will be prepared to have a successful cleanse!
Increase The Amount of Raw/Living Foods In Your Diet and Stay Inspired To Eat Healthy!
This Workshop will help you understand:
  • the Principles of Health
  • the Benefits to Increasing The Amount of Raw Food in your Diet
  • Meal Plan Options
  • Recipe ideas that are quick, easy and satisfying.
  • the Common Sense of Food Combining
and the Gentle Transition needed to incorporate these key elements into a Healthy Lifestyle!
**Handout Information is provided.

Intestinal Health:
A Window View To A Healthy Life
Our Topic of Discussion will Include:
  • Discover the Relationship Between Achieving Ultimate Health through Proper Digestion & Elimination.
  • What Causes Intestinal Problems To Occur?
  • Learn Helpful Hints To Improve Digestion.
  • Proper Food Combinations And Consumption.
  • Essential Supplements That Can Make A Difference.
  • Suggestions to Improve Intestinal Health:
Indigestion, Gas/Bloating, Constipation, Acid Relux/GERD,
IBS, Colitis, Leaky Gut Syndrome etc.
  • Common Food Allergies and Testing
  • Could Parasites And/Or Candida Overgrowth Be A Problem?
  • Helpful Recipes Included!
‘All About Candida’
My recovery from chronic yeast infections, bloating, gas, chronic constipation, lack of mental clarity, and acne over 28 years ago began with a change to a healthier diet and proper cleansing methods. Creating a healthy balance in the body is key, and to achieve that balance means a change in the terrain of the body. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and my insight has helped many people find their way to better health. This discussion will cover a basic approach, to more advanced suggestions. Bring paper and a pen!
Topics Include:
Cause & Effect
Food Combining Principles
Foods To Avoid
Food To Eat
Fermented Food
Colon Hydro-therapy
Change your pH
Hydrogen Peroxide
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Interference Fields
Therapeutic Essential Oils
Home Remedies
Support your Immune System
Bring more Oxygen into the Bloodstream
Parasites BeGone!
Donna Perrone is a Certified Colon Hydro therapist that is the founder of Gravity East Village, Inc, a wellness center in NYC specializing in Colon Hydro therapy sessions. Her 13 years of experience working with clients and studying this topic has led her to offering this very detailed and informative class. Her work has given her great insight on this topic and she has helped many clients over the years solve the mystery of on-going digestive issues, unexplained physical symptoms and health problems. You will utilize medical and natural resources.
Topics Covered Regarding Parasite Infestation:
  • Symptoms
  • Complications
  • Protection
  • Testing
  • Protocols
  • Elimination
  • Repair A Body Under Siege
You will receive an information package describing numerous protocols to choose from to eliminate parasites. We will go over each protocol in detail.
Introduction To Essential Oils Class With Cynthia Shankman
We will cover the following topics and a lot more:
  • Why Young Living
  • How to incorporate oils into your self-care regiment
  • How to optimize your body’s natural healing processes
  • How to utilize oils to support healthy body function
  • How to support your emotional well-being
  • Q &A bring all your questions!!