BLOG: My Salad Experience On Flight 795.



Written: 11-13-17

by Donna Perrone


My Salad Experience On Flight 795.


While flying to Austin recently, I had an uncomfortable feeling come over me.. Here, I share my experience. Prior to my flight, I had given myself ample time to prepare a simple and delicious organic salad with avocado and lemon juice. Once on the flight a woman seated next to me remarked on how good the salad looked. I felt a sense of self love pulse through my veins and replied that it was worth the extra effort. As I chewed and enjoyed each bite, I watched the flight attendant approach each passenger to take their snack and beverage orders. When he reached my seat I asked for a cup of hot water and ‘no’ on the snack. He offered a variety of chip a

saladnd cookie options. He later returned serving the passengers their orders. I received my cup of hot water and dunked my organic herbal tea bag to seep. I have flown on planes throughout my adult life and never quite had this mental occurrence. My ears heard an orchestra of soda cans opening and plastic rustling. I witnessed an entire plane full of people gorging on junk food! I know I have seen this before. It’s just that this time a sense of deep sadness came over me that I was alone in my making myself a priority. I contemplated whether the chips were part of a food addiction issue, or perhaps, a rare indulgence or the reason be that people were simply hungry or possibly they all just wanted free fake stuff the eat.


Each person has their story of their relationship with food. People of all ages and backgrounds embraced eating this processed crap. We talk about making America great and to be a better country but, is this really possible if we have poison and grease suffocating our cells?

A child accompanying her mother sitting in the seat next to me ate a doughnut before boarding the plane, and later consumed a small bag of chips on the plane. Her mom walked on board with a triple coffee and asked for another cup while on the plane. Her poor adrenal glands! Will she still have any left by the time she reaches age 60?


So, here on this plane I stopped my mental chatter to write it down and share the absurdity of life today in America. It is considered normal and completely acceptable to toxify ourselves on a regular basis with absolutely no consciousness. Although, I am not perfect in what I eat, I will say that most saladof the time I am doing it healthy and raw vegan. We see more and more suffering in the world. More mental illness, more disease and pain, more medication, more addiction, and a general disconnect to ourselves. When we live unconsciously and we disconnect, we are creating a space for fear, negativity, and harm to ourselves, to others and this affects the world. Our everyday choices make a huge difference to change what we see as ‘normal’ to make for a better world and a good life for all.


Want more energy? More clarity of thought? To be conscious rather than numb, stimulated, down? Eat raw food. Eat clean food. Eat primarily plants. Exercise. Want to stop drinking coffee? Drink green juice. When you change your food your craving will change and so will you. Want a better you? Love yourself. Make every choice an act of love. How? Listen to your inner guidance. Your Inner GPS. What is the true voice verses the fake voice? Act compassionately, embrace pleasure, be generous, take time for your self-care, meditate, and surround yourself with supportive positive people. Turn to happy, healthy, pleasurable acts not stuffing it with processed fake stuff. Play like a child, dance, celebrate with eating the grapes and not the wine. It is all a choice we make. Every action has a vibration. A force. Make it an act of good will. Before ya know it I might look over and see everyone eating salads with happy faces on the airplane!