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Colon Health 101

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Colon Health – The Inner Cleansing

When I mention the word ‘Colonic’ many people feel a little uncomfortable. However, there is so much to benefit gained with a cleaner, healthier colon.

Many people will say doesn’t my system do a good job of eliminating on its own? After all I have a bowel movement everyday! Truthfully, for many of us what goes in doesn’t necessarily all exit the body successfully.  Most of our clients remark at how surprised that so much came out during the length of the session.

Here is a quote from Dr. J.H. Kellogg, who administered Colonics to his patients in the 1900s, he touted the benefits of colon hydrotherapy as a means to clean the internal body naturally, while eating a high fiber diet and many fresh vegetables. “We are literally poisoning ourselves into illness when the bowel evacuation is deficient,” said Kellogg in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1917.

The colon may be the most overlooked function of the body because it naturally eliminates on its own. However, after years of building up impacted waste along the colon’s wall, the toxins may get reabsorbed. If this happens, like Kellogg believed, it effects the body’s tissues and the cells become capable of triggering a variety of illnesses.

Most people are trilled to report having one bowel movement a day, yet when we eat 3 meals a day plus snacks the reality is that our system is holding on to more waste then what is eliminated. Ideally, we should have a bowel movement after each meal. It should leave the body with ease and it’s supposed to feel like a true empty feeling when accomplished. Think belly button can touch your spine feeling!

When was the last time you felt like that?

The digestive system can become sluggish due to poor eating choices, late night eating, dehydration, emotional stress, medications, a low thyroid, hormone shifts, overeating and more. This can lead to an impacted colon that is congested and bloated. When the colon is stressed the whole body will be affected by the toxic overload due to the toxins being reabsorbed.

There are many benefits associated with Colon Hydro therapy:  less constipation, clear thinking, increased energy, better absorption of nutrients, a better mood, weight loss, radiant glowing skin, improved immunity, increased oxygen flow in the blood stream and a clean colon.

Peristalsis is the wave-like motion of the entire digestive tract.  Without good peristalsis, waste matter can back up in the colon and begin to putrefy through bacterial action, which gives off toxic wastes that can paralyze the colon and make it sluggish. As Colonics strengthen and tone the colon, toxic acids and gases which irritate the nerves and muscles of that organ are eliminated, thus encouraging a return to vibrant health with normal peristalsis and regular evacuation.


Problems with the other major organs of elimination, the lungs, kidneys, skin and liver often improve as you continue your colon cleansing program. These organs are relieved of handling the overload, and can return to their own work, better able to perform their proper function. For this reason, colonic irrigation has often been called the forgotten key to health.

*Exerpts taken from: Hippocrates magazine vol 17 Issue 2 page 3



We have a lovely staff of Certified Hydro-therapists: Donna Perrone, Elena Bykova, Laura Fritz, Athena Thomas, Marla Rio, Roxane Puig and Sara Corris.


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Colon Hydro-Therapy replenishes not only the colon, but renews the entire body.

“Be Your Best in Everything You Do!
Gravity East Village offers:
Two Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Rooms, 
State of the Art Filtration System, 
Coffee Enema,

Private Infra-Red Sauna Session for one or two people,
Therapeutic Massage,
SV Insight Bionetic Scan,
Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA),
QRA Mud Packing,

Nutritional Consultations,
Workshops on Nutrition and Detoxification.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2019
6:30 pm – 9 pm


Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw Ave A & Ave B
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Attend in Person:
Fee: $25.00 in advance. $30 after 7/24/19. Cash paid at the door.
Price includes Lecture & Workshop Information Package
Please email me that you plan to attend including your full name and phone #.
You will need to be confirmed by phone on 7/29/19.Reserve your seat by making payment in advance. No Refunds.

My recovery from chronic yeast infections, bloating, gas, chronic constipation, lack of mental clarity, and acne over 30 years ago began with a change to a healthier diet and proper cleansing methods. Creating a healthy balance in the body is key, and to achieve that balance means a change in the terrain of the body. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and my insight has helped many people find their way to better health. This discussion will cover a basic approach, to more advanced suggestions. Bring paper and a pen!

No program or recommendation is a one size fits all approach. Donna will talk about ways to test the bio field to help create a support plan that is just right for you. Doing too much blows the field and you feel terrible and finding the right support is essential in bringing the body back into balance. Find out the underlining cause of what keeps you from crossing the bridge to better health!

Gut Candida

Topics Include:

Cause & Effect
Food Combining Principles
Foods To Avoid
Food To Eat
Fermented Food
Colon Hydro-therapy
Change your pH
Hydrogen Peroxide
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Bionetic Testing
Interference Fields
Therapeutic Essential Oils
Home Remedies
Support your Immune System
Bring more Oxygen into the Bloodstream

All the best,
Donna Perrone


What's There To eat


Recipes & Meal Plan Ideas Are Shared!
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
7 pm  – 9 pm

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street

Btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
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Attend in Person

Reservations are necessary- Space is limited

Reserve your seat by e-mail

Please include your name & phone #
Fee: $25 Cash paid at the door

Please call 212 388 9788 To reserve your seat by phone. Invite friends!

Here’s your opportunity to learn some basic principles of health and to enhance your quality of life.  
This workshop will help you to understand: 
  • the Principles of Health
  • the Benefits of Eating Raw Food and Increasing the Amount of Plant Foods in your Diet
  • Meal Plan Options
  • Recipe ideas that are quick, easy, and satisfying  
  • the Common Sense of Food Combining
  • the Importance of Proper Detoxification
  • what Happens when the Diet is not Working
and the Gentle Transition needed to incorporate these key elements into a Healthy Lifestyle!

Donna shares her decades of study and life experience in this exciting, informative workshop. She is a certified colon hydro-therapist and owner of her wellness center, Gravity East Village. She offers nutritional counseling, is a trained Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner and hasbeen teaching health workshops since 1995. Donna has been living a primarily raw and living foods vegan diet since 1989. She is your detox expert and is often called ‘Detox Diva Donna!’

Whether you are new, in transition or well established in these valuable concepts, this workshop will inspire and motivate you to take action to balance your life with good health.
**Handout Information is  Provided**



Tuesday, June 4, 2019
7 pm – 9 pm
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
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Reservations are necessary
Fee: Suggested Donation $20 Cash Paid At The Door
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*Alyssa will be offering Personal Astrological Birth Chart Readings
at Gravity East Village.
See following email for details!
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Q & A Topics:
●     What is a “Birth Chart”?
●     Why consult an Astrologer?
●     What does a Birth Chart Consult entail?
●     Is Astrology right for me?
Astrology By Alyssa
In this “Q & A” style event, you’ll get to meet New York Astrologer, Alyssa Landers as she covers the basics of what a “Birth Chart” is, why consulting a professional Astrologer was the best decision she’s ever made, and any other questions you might have about what an Astrology “Reading” entails.
A Bit About Alyssa
Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based Astrologer with an Aquarius Sun and Sagittarius Rising, prone to wax philosophical on a wide range of topics. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from The New School University, which in turn informs her practice of Astrology.
As one of her clients once famously said: “I got further in one Birth Chart session with Alyssa than in 10 years of therapy.”

Q & A

Let’s Get Down to the Nitty Gritty on All Those Questions You Have Concerning:

‘Cleansing & Detoxification Of Your Body!’

Donna Perrone, founder of Gravity East Village has been sharing her insights on healthful living for over 30 years!


Let’s Chat About Detoxification!

Q & A With Your Detox Expert Donna Perrone, Gravity East Village

  • What is Detoxification?
  • Who is best suited for a Cleanse?
  • When is the Best Time to Cleanse?
  • What is the Benefit of doing a Cleanse?
  • What to Expect while on a Cleanse.
  • Achieve the success you Desire!

Donna Perrone will answer your questions and address your concerns regarding this topic.
Topics Include:

  • Healthy Eating
  • Fasting
  • Liver Cleansing
  • Heavy Metal Cleanse
  • Lymph Health
  • Colon Cleanse
  • De-Stress


Get Unstuck –  Get Inspired To Take The Best Care Of Yourself!

Go ahead and pick my brain!



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not give advice, or diagnosis. This forum is for general educational purposes and I recommend that if you have any concern about your health that you contact your health care professional.
Tuesday, May 21, 2019

5:45 pm – 6:45 pm

The Organic Grill
123 First Avenue
(btw. 7 St & St. Marks Place)

Complimentary Finger Food Plates For snacks will be available as well as food orders for purchase.

Please RSVP your full name and phone # to confirm to or call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.


Learn more about Donna Perrone @



Presentation & Discussion Group

Donna Perrone, founder of Gravity East Village has been sharing her insights on healthful living since 1995!

Join us for an evening to Be Inspired To Feel And Be Your Very Best At All You DO!

  • The principles of health.
  • How to stay inspired to eat healthy, exercise and take care of yourself.
  • What is needed to feel good and have tons of energy!
  • Emotions. How to take action to shift what keeps you from living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Make healthy living your normal. Take it higher!
  • Are you stuck? Let’s explore your transformation!
  • Change your attitude.
  • Great tips to increase the amount of raw foods, juicing, healthy food choices, exercise, self care into your busy life.
  • Discuss ideas on how to make food easy and delicious!
  • How to cherish this journey.
Tuesday, May 14, 2019
7 pm  – 9 pm

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
Btw. Avenue A & Avenue B
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Attend in Person
Reservations are necessary- Space is limited
Reserve your seat by calling 212 388 9788 or email
Please include your full name & phone #.
We will confirm you on 5/13 by phone.
Fee: $15 cash paid at the door


Cropped shot of a young woman making a heart shape on her stomachhttp://

7 Reasons To Get A Colonic


1. What Goes In Doesn’t Necessarily Come Out. Dehydration, late night eating, over-eating, consuming food lacking fiber, and stress can cause constipation. Colon Hydro-therapy wipes the slate clean of unwanted waste that is retained in the colon to support a healthy, youthful YOU!
2. Get That Radiant Glow & Healthy Skin.
Look & feel your most attractive best & everyone will wonder what is your secret to having a gorgeous complexion. Colon Hydro-therapy can be helpful to improve skin problems such as Rashes and Acne.
3. Have More Energy.
Our lives can be very stressful and demanding of our energy. Most of us could use a reservoir of energy to meet life’s challenges. Colonics provide oxygen into the blood stream that brings a better chi. Feeling sluggish? The removal of waste in the colon can help feed your trillion of cells more oxygen to provide more energy. Healthy cells equals a younger YOU!
4. Look Younger & Support Weight-loss.
Got a bloated belly? Time for a colonic! Colon Hydro-therapy helps to remove unwanted gases and trapped food. Our cellular body can hold excessive carbonic gases that can make for an overall bloated look. Clear out the colon to support a detoxification that can create a leaner looking body.
5. Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body
Every organ in the body can benefit from Colon Hydro-therapy. Remove toxic build-up & the lymphatic system & blood perform optimally. Create less toxicity with a healthy diet, periodic cleansing & Colonics!
6. Eliminate Constipation
Tone the colon with Gravity Colonics to create a strengthening of the bowel for better elimination which includes a fiber rich diet of whole foods. A colonic session is like taking your colon to the gym!
7. Feel Calmer & More Peaceful
Check out a biology book with a picture of a colon. There is a thread that can be seen. That thread is the nervous system. Often, several pounds of fecal matter can be retained in the colon that can create an irritation that can contribute to anxiety, a negative attitude and a gloomy disposition. Colonics can bring some light into the darkness to create a calmer YOU!
Schedule Your Appointment Today!
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
212 388 9788
TEXT: 646 494 1865
We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding our services.

One Day Challenge

Monday, April 29, 2019
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Choose Your One Day Challenge!
Conduct your one day cleanse prior to attending the group meetup!
One Day Or More:
  • Vegetable Juice Fast (Drink approximately 96 oz of fresh or cold pressed vegetable juice. You may make it or buy it.)
  • Vegetable Juice and Veggie Smoothies.
  • 100% Raw Vegan (no cooked food, no animal foods) (This includes, fruit , vegetables, salad, nuts/seeds, avocado, sprouts, seaweed)
  • 100% Healthy Vegan (whole raw and cooked whole plant foods) (no refined foods, no sugar added, cooked foods are steamed and not fried or cooked in oil)
*If possible make your food 100% ORGANIC!
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC 10009
FEE: Suggested Donation $10.00 Cash
RSVP: Email Your Full Name and Phone #:
OR call 212 388 9788
Check Out Our Informative Website:
ATTEND BY LIVE STREAM: By FaceBook. Must be A Facebook Friend Of Donna Perrone. Please connect prior to meeting. Will be Live under Facebook ‘Stories’ located at the top of your smart phone, ipad or computer. Look for stories icon.
You may be able to succeed at the task or not. Either way come to the group to share your experience.

Donna will share her extensive knowledge and experience of detoxification. You will have the opportunity to share your experience and ask questions.
Have you ever done a cleanse? Or has it been a while and you need to get motivated to conduct a Fast or clean diet?
Does the idea make you uncomfortable?
Donna Perrone will guide you through various approaches to a liquid cleanse such as a Juice Fast or Blended Smoothie cleanse. Not sure? She will demystify the process for you, make it less intimidating, and give you several viable options. However, being on a 100% Raw Food Diet for a week may be the perfect option for you. Start with do this for ONE DAY!

Food Cravings

Tuesday, April 23, 2019
7 pm – 9 pm  
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
btw: Avenue A & Avenue B
Fee- $20.00 Cash at the door

Make your Reservation by Email – or Call 212 388 9788
Please include your full name & phone #.

“This irresistible feeling comes over you and holds on tight and won’t let go!”
“What is it? “
“It’s a Craving!”
The most common reason why people have difficulty with going ‘raw’ or just
plain sticking with a healthy diet is those nasty food cravings..


In this workshop/discussion group we will discuss:

-the reasons for cooked food dependency
-tips on how to increase the amount of raw food in your diet
-the ingredients needed to cope in those challenging moments
-an understanding of what is needed to succeed

This discussion will include an understanding of the  physical, psychological and spiritual aspects to better health.
Much of the background material used for this workshop comes from my own experience, my many years working with people in the health community, my knowledge and experience an a Colon Hydrotherapist and from the book ’12 Steps to Raw Foods,’ by Victoria Boutenko.




Have More Energy, Feel Great, Brighten Yourself Up!

It is Springtime and indeed a perfect time to shift off the cooked food addiction and put some attention on eliminating our dependence of processed food, caffeine, sugar, and anything else that is keeping you from feeling your utmost best!


This Class Will Cover:

Restart & Reset With Raw Foods
Detox Is Divine
What’s On The Meal Plan?
Easy Juicing & Smoothies
Test Your pH
What Is Holding You Back?
Get Off Your Addictions – Cooked Food, Caffeine, Sugar, Flour Foods, Cooked Fats
Make Your Habits Healthy Habits!

Donna shares her 30 years of experience eating a primarily raw food plant – based diet and guiding others on the journey since 1995. Donna has been a Certified Colon Hydro therapist since 2005 and is the President of her wellness center ‘Gravity East Village’ in NYC. She will answer all your questions in this informative class.

Get Motivated & Inspired To Take The Best Care Of Yourself Everyday!

Tuesday, April 2nd at 7 pm
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC

FEE: $20 in advance / $30 at the Door  NO REFUNDS!

Please email your full name and phone # to once you have paid for your seat. Payment by cash at the door. Reservations are necessary and seating is limited.