Heavy Metal
Workshop on the Topic of:

‘Heavy Metal Toxicity’ 

The Missing Link to Many Diseases With Donna Perrone

Monday, October 27, 2014
7 pm – 9 pm

Gravity East Village 
515 East 5 Street
btw: Avenue A & Avenue B
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Fee- $20.00 Paid in advance by 10/20. $30 cash paid at the door.
Reservations are recommended by making advance payment.
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Webinar option is available for the same price.
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Our Class Topic Is On:
“Heavy Metal Toxicity”

We will discuss:

-What are the toxic metals that we are exposed to everyday?
-Where do they come from?
-Symptoms of exposure and toxicity
-What chronic conditions heavy metal poisoning can cause.
-How to free ourselves of heavy metal toxicity.



Come to Gravity and enjoy a 30 minute Far Infrared Sauna session. We have a brand new Clearlight sauna, the official sauna Hippocrates Health Institute recommends and uses.
Of course, saunas are a relaxing and pleasurable activity. At Gravity you will enjoy a private sauna session or share our sauna with a friend. I always feel much more comfortable alone in our sauna then sharing a sauna with multitudes of people at the Russian Bath house.
There are benefits to using an infrared sauna over a regular sauna. You will flush out toxins. You will sweat and this helps to flush out toxins from the body that reduces toxic overload. With an infrared sauna the sweating is deeper and more profuse, enabling your body to excrete a higher percentage of toxins than with a conventional sauna. Infrared saunas run 20-60 degrees lower, making it easier to tolerate the heat which makes it more comfortable.

We are exposed to pollution, chemical toxins, pesticides and heavy metals. Saunas can help the body cleanse chemical and heavy metal toxicity that can be stored in organs and tissues. Infrared is radiant heat that is readily absorbed and can go all the way to the bone to help rid the body of impurities.
Circulation is improved when using a sauna and all you need is a 15 -20 minute session a few times a week. We book a 30 minute session which provides an ample experience. During your sauna session, you will stimulate better blood flow and circulation throughout the body. This can lower blood pressure and help to relax tight muscles and ease minor aches and pains. Enjoy drug-free pain relief if you have arthritis or troublesome muscle or joint pain that helps reduce stiffness and inflammation.
Infrared’s radiant heat boosts immunity! Feeling a little under the weather? A sauna session can rev up the production of white blood cells and rally your immune system to respond for a speedy recovery.
Look your best by using our sauna to improve skin and reduce signs of aging by stimulating better circulation, blood flow and increases collagen production. Flush out impurities from your skin such as lotions, makeup, cellular debris. Get that radiant appearance!

Weight loss. Yes, you will sweat out some ‘water weight’ during a sauna session that you will restore when you re-hydrate. However, there is evidence that infrared saunas, because of their ability to penetrate the skin more deeply, increases the metabolic rate and can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 – 600 calories in a half hour session. A regular sauna session will not melt away tummy fat, but with a healthy diet and exercise can give your metabolism an extra boost while you are lounge and relax.

Gravity has a sauna that is big enough to lay down in or a couple can share. It has Chromotherapy, and if you choose, can enjoy an assortment of colors or pick one at a time that will light up your session!

Music is available to listen to. Choose classical or ambient world music to calm your mind and  improve your mood.

Gravity does not have a shower. However, we supply a water spritzer to refresh yourself. All clients get a towel to lay on and wrap yourself in and an additional hand towel to remove perspiration.

30 minute Private Infrared Sauna session  $30 includes tax

Package of 6 sessions to be used within 8 weeks – $150 includes tax

Sauna For A Couple  – $50 includes tax

Schedule an Infra Red Sauna Session Today!
Call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788.
515 East 5 Street NYC

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Food Combining Principles
In 1989, I began my journey and interest in healthful living. I read ‘Fit For Life’ by Harvey and Marilyn Diamond. These books made a huge impression on me that fueled a major life change. I figured if I was to bother with eating healthier foods that are rich in fiber/whole foods I might as well digest them and feel comfortable when I eat them. Since my childhood, I had all kinds of digestive upsets ranging from upset stomach aches, gas and bloating, burning acid stomach, constipation and feeling tired after eating. Now, 25 years later, I can honestly say that if I hadn’t followed the ideas described in my video I never would have stuck with my healthy diet. What inspires me to take care of myself is FEELING GOOD!Any memory of a life event, phase or period in my life is remembered as a ‘feeling.’ How did that time feel? When I don’t take care of myself properly I remember how that felt and when I do take care of myself that feeling always makes the BIG impression. Looking back, I’d say overall even with life’s challenging times I always strive to take care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is a balance that needs attention and consciousness to succeed. When I fall out of balance due to life’s stresses and demands I eventually return to what ‘feels good’ again.

Every new client that comes to my wellness center, Gravity East Village for a Colon Hydro-therapy session gets a mini nutritional consultation during their session and the topic of discussion is ‘Food Combining Principles’. Every client receives a Food Combining Chart to take home for review.Health Begins with Good Digestion. Gut Health is Good Health. Most health problem’s root cause is in a malfunctioning digestive system. Schedule your next Colon Cleanse at Gravity to support your whole body!

I hope that today’s video blog will inspire you to take it higher to feeling good!
Donna Perrone, CCHT
Founder, Gravity East Village
Founder, Accent On Wellness
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street NYC
212 388 9788
Text- 646 494 1865


Get A Therapeutic Sound & Vibrational Healing Session At Gravity..



We are adding another therapy at Gravity called Sound & Vibrational Healing with Kyra Saulnier.

I am so pleased to offer some terrific SPECIAL OFFERS to introduce you to this terrific therapy!

Donna Perrone, CCHT
Gravity East Village, Inc.



Sound & Vibrational Healing Session

Schedule a Back Session – 50 minutes, Lower Leg & Foot Session – 45 minutes, Delux Whole Body Session – 75 minutes – Receive $10 OFF!


Sound & Vibrational Healing & Colon Hydro-Therapy

Schedule a Sound & Vibrational Healing and Colon Hydro-Therapy Session – Receive $15 OFF the Sound & Vibrational Healing!

Sound & Vibrational Healing  & Colon Hydro-Therapy & Infra Red Sauna Session
Schedule a Sound & Vibrational Healing, Colon Hydro-Therapy Session and Infra Red Sauna Session – Receive $20 OFF the Sound & Vibrational Healing!


Regular Price For:
  • Sound & Vibrational Healing : Back Session – 50 minutes – $100, Lower Leg & Foot Session – 45 minutes – $90, Delux Whole Body Session – 75 minutes – $140
  • Colon Hydro- Therapy – 75 Minutes – $125
  • Infra Red Sauna Session – 1 Hour Private Session – $30  – Includes Tax

This Offer is good till October 1st 2014. Payment must be made in advance of this date to receive offer. Offer not applied to any package price or other specials.

To schedule an appointment please call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788 or 646 494 1865.


About Sound & Vibrational Healing

If you recognize the difference between how you feel when standing barefoot in a field of grass and walking on concrete and asphalt, you will recognize the healing resonances used in Kyra Saulnier’s Sound & Vibrational Healing sessions.


Kyra has been working over 10 years using a unique Japanese audio device that filters and enhances harmonic frequencies that reproduce those emitted from the core of the earth. Blended with music from Japanese Zen composer and sound engineer Keiichirou Kita, The penetrating resonances are massaged into the body with gentle pressure to re-integrate vital energy points in the nervous system and produce sustained theta brain waves.


When vital energy points are harmonized and theta waves are produced, the mind chatter stops and the brain is free to do the work of healing the body.



Regular Session Types and Pricing


All session are performed with clothing on. Please dress comfortably and wear or bring pants and socks.

Back Session

$100 (50 minutes)


This session involves applying Healing Vibration to highly sensitive areas of the entire spine from the cranium to the sacrum and down the back body to the soles of the feet. The shoulders, upper back, lower back, hips, thighs, calves, Achilles tendons and feet are all covered. The Back Session is designed to calm, refresh and rejuvenate the physical body and mind.


Lower Leg and Foot Session

$90 (45 minutes)

This session involves applying Healing Vibration to pressure points on the lower legs (knees, calves, shins), Achilles tendons, tops of the feet, and soles of the feet. The Foot Session revives tired legs and can also reduce mental fatigue, eye strain and headaches.


Delux Whole Body Session

$140 (75 minutes)

This session combines the Back and Foot Sessions plus attention to the Face and Scalp. The Whole Body Session is the ultimate body experience for stress relief and healing.


Kyra Saulnier Licensed Esthetician, AADP

cc headshot color

Kyra combines a lifelong passion for food, design and wellness arts into her practice of the Healing Arts. She has been practicing for over 10 years and her warm spirit and calm energy can be felt in every session. Each treatment is customized to individual needs. Kyra loves to shares her abundant knowledge with her clients so they may carry the experience with them and improve their wellbeing on multiple levels. She has a keen eye for what’s hot and what’s hype!



Kyra earned degrees in Fine Art and Art History at The University of Vermont. She studied with J. Rosenthal for 3 years during the formation of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She is a graduate of Atelier Esthetique and The New York Institute of Aromatherapy. Kyra is also the founder of Skin by Kyra – handmade skin care products with authentic essential oils and locally sourced herbs, inspired by Indian and Asian traditions and vitalized with modern science. She continues her education in the study of wellness therapies and advanced skin care in the US and on frequent trips to India.


Gravity East Village, Inc.
212 388 9788 or 646 494 1865

515 East 5 Street NYC




Paul Nison Interviews Donna Perrone in 2009. 


I hope you all had a wonderful summer! Although when the subject of colon hydro-therapy is discussed people tend to feel a little uncomfortable I find their ears perk up and there is an intentional curiosity to hear more about colon health.
Colon Hydro-therapy has been practiced since the age of Cleopatra and although there is some debate whether it is necessary many will tout the benefit of this holistic practice. Many health ethusiast’s such as Ann Wigmore, Norman Walker, and Dr. J.H. Kellogg included colon hydro-therapy as part of their own way to clean the internal body through deep tissue cleansing. In 1908 Russian Scientist, Elie Metchnikoff received a Nobel Prize for his research on immunity. He studied how diseases occur due to the build-up of toxins in the body, finding that intestinal toxins actually shorten a person’s life. Mechnikov also developed a theory that aging is caused by toxic bacteria in the gut and that lactic acid (like probiotics) could prolong life.

Have you ever experienced a colonic? Or has it been a while since your last treatment? Did you know that the healthier your diet the more colon hydro-therapy is essential to your lifestyle. On a highly cleansing diet that includes an abundance of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and vegetable juices the body tends to cleanse on a cellular level. To insure that your body is able to eliminate properly colon hydro-therapy will support a responsible approach to your healthy diet. If you are feeling a little sluggish, weighed down, bloated, weak, moody, anxious it may be time for a session. Or if a raw foods diet isn’t working for you and you wonder why then scheduling a colonic can help to replenish and rejuvenate your body.

Yes, Colonics can be very helpful. We have seen people heal themselves of all kinds of disease with a change in diet, lifestyle and including Colonics. Afterall, The Body Can Heal Itself!

Colon hydrotherapy can help to give your immune system a boost, support your Lymphatic System, increase oxygen flow in the blood and improve circulation. By emptying the colon all your vital organs can perform better to heal your body and help you to feel your best.

Have any questions? Please contact us to schedule an appointment by
calling 646 494 1865 or 212 388 9788. Already a client? Text us at 646 494 1865.

Check out our website  for more information.


Gravity East Village

515 East 5 Street

btw. Avenue A & Avenue B

212 388 9788


Gravity East Village recommends that some clients receive a
‘Series of Colon Hydro-therapy’ sessions.
Each client is unique in determining how often to have a session.
Your therapist can make a recommendation that is best for you.
Gravity offers a special rate to clients who would like to have a series of colonics.
We are happy to explain the benefits to doing this.
We now accept cash, visa or mastercard for payment.

gev recept 09


Gravity colonics generate a simultaneous in-flow and out-flow of water, facilitating an effective and through cleansing of the colon while providing a comfortable session for our clients. Colon Hydro-therapy is essential for alleviating gas, constipation, headaches, sluggishness, acne, rashes, poor digestion, candida, weight issues among others. You will receive nutritional counseling with every
hands-on treatment.
Get Inspired to Transform your Life
through Cleansing & Detoxification!
Gravity East Village is located downtown, and we offer:
Two Colon Hydrotherapy Treatment Rooms,
State of the Art Filtration System,
Infra-Red Sauna,
Nutritional Consultations, Therapeutic Massage, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Sound & Vibrational Healing,
Workshops on Detoxification & Nutrition
Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
between Avenue A  Avenue B
Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button
212 388 9788 or ( 646 494 1865 – Phone or Text)



Brian Clement / Hippocrates Health Institute

Brian Clement / Hippocrates Health Institute


Do It Yourself Recipe

Tummy Rub For Pain & Bloating
Relieve Intestinal Upset In Children And Adults.




Tuesday, August 26, 2014

7 pm- 9 pm

Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
BTW: Avenue A & Avenue B

Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol Button

Fee: $20 per person / Returning Members: FREE / Guests of Members: $5
(If you are an existing member/distributor of Young Living outside of
Gravity East Village the class fee is $20.00. No solicitation permitted.)

Please reserve your seat by email-  PerroneD1@verizon.net or call 212 388 9788.
Space is Limited!
Please include your Full Name and Phone #.




You will learn how therapeutic grade essential oils
can enhance your health and well-being!

Young Living Logo

Experience for yourself!  Oils will be shared!     

A Workshop of Discovery and Experience!      

~Touch~Experience~Taste~ a variety of Young Living essential oils and products!





Tuesday, July 29, 2014
7 – 9:30 pm


Gravity East Village
515 East 5 Street
btw Ave A & Ave B
Keypad 104 & ‘Bell’ Symbol Button
Attend in Person:
Fee: $25.00 in advance. $30 after 7/25. Cash at the door.
Price includes Lecture & Workshop Package
Please email me that you plan to attend including your full name and phone #.
You will need to be confirmed by phone on 7/29/14.Reserve your seat by making payment in advance.
Or Call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788 to pay by credit card.

Webinar Option

Attend the class by watching it online LIVE!
Payment must be made in advance and you will receive a link. Handout info will be emailed to you. You may type in your questions/comments. Fee: $25.00

Register for the Webinar.
Or Call Gravity East Village 212 388 9788 to pay by credit card.

Check out my websites:





My recovery from chronic yeast infections, bloating, gas, chronic constipation, lack of mental clarity, and acne over 25 years ago began with a change to a healthier diet and proper cleansing methods. Creating a healthy balance in the body is key, and to achieve that balance means a change in the terrain of the body. I have done a lot of research on this topic, and my insight has helped many people find their way to better health. This discussion will cover a basic approach, to more advanced suggestions. Bring paper and a pen!

Gut Candida


Topics Include:

Cause & Effect
Food Combining Principles
Foods To Avoid
Food To Eat
Fermented Food
Colon Hydro-therapy
Change your pH
Hydrogen Peroxide
Therapeutic Essential Oils
Home Remedies
Support your Immune System
Bring more Oxygen into the Bloodstream

All the best,
Donna Perrone




Learn How To Make Your Own Summer Remedies!

  • Homemade Deodorant

  • Homemade  Bug Repellent

  • Homemade After Sun Spritz  

  • Recipes will be handed out..




Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7 pm- 9 pm

Gravity East Village

515 East 5 Street

BTW: Avenue A & Avenue B

Keypad: 104 ‘Bell’ Symbol ButtonFee: $20 per person / Returning Members: FREE / Guests of Members: $5
(If you are an existing member/distributor of Young Living outside of
Gravity East Village the class fee is $20.00. No solicitation permitted.)

Please reserve your seat by email-  PerroneD1@verizon.net or call 212 388 9788.
Space is Limited!
Please include your Full Name and Phone #.


You will learn how therapeutic grade essential oils
can enhance your health and well-being!

Young Living Logo



Experience for yourself!  Oils will be shared!     A Workshop of Discovery and Experience!      

~Touch~Experience~Taste~ a variety of Young Living essential oils and products!