BLOG: Are You Addicted?

I was left in the dark this recently due to the destructive nature of Hurricane Sandy. I had some quiet time to work on a new class called ‘Are You Addicted?’ which will cover our relationship with sugar, caffeine, cacao and why we feel the need to be stimulated.
Take a walk down any street in New York and you will find a Starbucks or coffee house. Even in the East Village when there is no power I see the happy faces of those carrying their sort after cup of joe. I have for the most part avoided caffeine for over 20 years. I remember when each day consisted of that morning coffee and the need for it to get my day going. Recently, I have felt the need for an occasional green tea when it is a rainy day or if I have a long day at Gravity East Village, my Colon Hydro-therapy office in New York.  I found myself starting to look forward to it and having a headache if I drank it more then 2 times a week. We hear all the positive claims about green tea. High in anti-oxidants, doesn’t interfere with iron absorption, less acidic than coffee, less cognitive decline, less caffeine then coffee. I started to wonder about this need or dependency on stimulants. Are we fooling ourselves to think they are harmless so we can continue having them guilt-free?
Energy. Honestly, true energy is acquired from rest and sleep. When we drink our coffee/teas looking to be more alert and have better endurance performance it’s about what we a lacking. Our lives are stressful. Get up and go, keep going, keep working, pack it all in, take care of children/spouses/home and yourself. Then, sleep, which is not always enough for many people. So, having one or more cups of caffeine can keep the battery juiced. I get it. Then, once you are addicted you gotta have it because you will feel awful if you stop. Caffeine is a drug. It is a poison that the body needs to eliminate by urine/sweat in the form of uric acid. We go into a detox/withdrawal once we stop having it. Then, if consumed the ill feelings go away and we feel great once we get our fix.
For every 6 ounce cup of coffee you may lose 5 mg of calcium, add milk and you have made the situation worse. It reduces the body to use dietary (non-heme) Iron by as much as 40% if you drink one cup of coffee.
Have you ever drank too much coffee and started trembling all over? Well, your kidneys will work overtime to expel the poison that will weaken and degenerate the kidneys overtime. All this stimulation will put stress on your heart, nervous system and blood pressure will go up temporarily. How healthy can it be to have a ritual each day that overtaxes the body on a regular basis?
In America, 9 out of 10 people drink coffee. Then, watch how irritable people become when they don’t have it. Caffeine creates a state of crisis. It drives the adrenal glands to produce stress hormones that can remain in the blood for 18 hours after consumption. The cortisol that is pumped out involves a fight or flight response. Energy is sent to the muscles to prepare for the crisis. This reduces immunity and health promoting hormones. Energy for metabolic function is depleted by caffeine toxemia.
Solutions? Stop drinking coffee. Can switch to a Yerba mate or green tea that has less caffeine for a while. Get the juicer making some green drinks. That is a healthy pick-me up! Look at your thyroid and adrenal gland health and get some natural support. Exercise. Get enough sleep. Take an afternoon power nap. And find ways to simplify your life to create less stress for a happier you!
My class will be offered in the near future and there will be much more information that covers this topic. Thanks for reading!
1. What Goes In Doesn’t Necessarily Come Out.   Dehydration, late night eating, over-eating, consuming food lacking fiber, and stress can cause constipation. Colon Hydro-therapy wipes the slate clean of unwanted waste that is retained in the colon to support a healthy, youthful YOU!
2. Get That Radiant Glow & Healthy Skin.
Look & feel your most attractive best & everyone will wonder what is your secret to having a gorgeous complexion. Colon Hydro-therapy can be helpful to improve skin problems such as Rashes and Acne.
3. Have More Energy.
Our lives can be very stressful and demanding of our energy. Most of us could use a reservoir of energy to meet life’s challenges. Colonics provide oxygen into the blood stream that brings a better chi. Feeling sluggish? The removal of waste in the colon can help feed your trillion of cells more oxygen to provide more energy. Healthy cells equals a younger YOU!
4. Look Younger & Support Weight-loss.
Got a bloated belly? Time for a colonic! Colon Hydro-therapy helps to remove unwanted gases and trapped food. Our cellular body can hold excessive carbonic gases that can make for an overall bloated look. Clear out the colon to support a detoxification that can create a leaner looking body.
5. Detoxify & Cleanse Your Body
Every organ in the body can benefit from Colon Hydro-therapy. Remove toxic build-up & the lymphatic system & blood perform optimally. Create less toxicity with a healthy diet, periodic cleansing & Colonics!
6. Eliminate Constipation
Tone the colon with Gravity Colonics to create a strengthening of the bowel for better elimination which includes a fiber rich diet of whole foods. A colonic session is like taking your colon to the gym!
7. Feel Calmer & More Peaceful
Check out a biology book with a picture of a colon. There is a thread that can be seen. That thread is the nervous system. Often, several pounds of fecal matter can be retained in the colon that can create an irritation that can contribute to anxiety, a negative attitude and a gloomy disposition. Colonics can bring some light into the darkness to create a calmer YOU!Gravity East Village                 515 East 5 Street NYC 212 388 9788  








When I was a child and imagined how I’d spend my life and what I’d do I never imagined myself working as a Colon Hydro-therapist! Let’s be honest most of us squirm a little just at the thought of getting a colonic. It was over thirteen years ago when I got my first colonic. It was not a quick decision. A friend kept urging me to try it to help clear up my skin of acne. Finally, once I got the courage the get a colonic the world changed for me. Now, I have been a Colon Hydro-therapist for over 5 years and give approximately 1000 sessions a year. Yes, that’s a lot of poop! All goes down the drain. No worries.

I’ve met a lot of people who have digestive problems ranging from acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, Candida overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, and more. I stare at a colonic tube for umpteen many hours over the years and there have been a few determinations that have crossed my mind when observing people’s poop. Most of us wouldn’t dare think that acquiring parasites is a widespread problem amongst the western world. Often, people think that if you catch a critter that you must have traveled to Bangladesh or Nepal to bring those friends home with you. This is not the only way that parasites can be obtained.

About 50% of adults have parasites but do not know it. There are many different kinds of parasites. Many parasites are called pinworms, amoebas, protozoans like Giardia, hook worms, flukes, and tapeworms are a few of those nasty fellas. They can be acquired in different ways such as by the water supply, spoiled food, eating rare meat, at day care centers, contamination of food, sexual contact, a pet licking your face or walking barefoot on grass or in a lake. Crazy huh? I try to always wash my raw produce in water before eating, but to be honest I am not always perfect at this task. I know the best defense toward not ingesting any parasites is to wash raw food thoroughly in filtered water and use either hydrogen peroxide or apple cider vinegar in the water and scrub it with a brush. Even the most pristine raw foodies have to be concerned about parasites. I have heard of many educators claiming that if your body is pure enough that it is not a concern. I know of three purist 100% raw foodies that have had problems.

Beware of eating in the finest restaurants and juice bars. Watch how well a juicer is cleaned or if the Chefs have washed their hands properly before preparing your food.

Symptoms of parasitic infliction are: feeling tired all the time, digestive problems such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea that comes and goes, food sensitivities/allergies, environmental intolerances, joint and muscle pain/inflammation, anemia/iron deficiency, rashes, restlessness, multiple awakenings/interrupted sleep, anxiety, grinding teeth, excessive bacterial/viral infections, depression, snoring, asthma, difficulty gaining or losing weight no matter what you do, Candida program not working/can’t conquer sweet cravings, oily greasy stool, itchy butt, ineffective digestion and absorption of fats, or just don’t feel great.

Parasites interfere with a healthy immune system. The body becomes overwhelmed by the poisons and toxins generated by parasites. They release toxic gases, secretions and waste materials. Ammonia is one of the gases parasites excrete. These toxic secretions strain the immune system that can make you feel tired a lot. These toxins accumulate in the colon, and create a congested liver, followed by an overload to the skin, lungs and kidneys.

There are small parasites that are microscopic in size such as protozoans like Giardia, and amoebas. They travel anywhere in the body via the bloodstream. They can get into our joints and eat calcium that lines our bones. They can eat the protein coating of our nerves called the myelin sheath that disrupts the nerve signal to the brain. They behave more like an infection in the body. They can reproduce without laying eggs by reproducing themselves.

Large parasites are worms and can be seen by the naked eye. They can grow up to 10-15 inches long and lay eggs. They don’t usually travel outside the digestive tract. These worms can cause anemia and interfere with vitamin B12 metabolism. They can be acquired by a dog licking your face, or by eating meat.

Many people have been misdiagnosed with a peptic ulcer but the real problem is round worms, mislabeled with ulcerative colitis but have amoebas, think they have chronic fatigue and yeast infections but underlying cause is Giardia, and diabetes or hypoglycemia caused by tapeworms.

Many of my clients who suffer from symptoms of Candida overgrowth and have been working extra hard to heal themselves with probiotics, and a low sugar, highly alkaline diet are not always successful. Why? Once tested properly many of these clients are shown to have parasites. Once the parasites are extinguished then the constipation problem heals like a miracle, and the bloat/gas are gone. Candida regains its balance in the body.

Parasites create an irritation and stress in the body. They eat, lay eggs/or reproduce, and secrete. They feed off our food and off of us! They take our food, fatten up and leave us what’s left over. Drowsiness after a meal is another sign that worms are present. They can suck nutrition from our cells. Some people may have trouble keeping weight on for this reason. Parasites enter the digestive system and quickly find their way to our vital organs. Parasite can be found anywhere in the body such as the brain, heart, and lungs. They usually go to the liver at first chance. They can cause a physical trauma to the body by the perforation of intestines, the circulatory system, the liver and so on. When chyme is released into the perforated intestines it oozes into the lymph system. Allergies are the first reaction. Which means that parasites erode and create holes out of your organs. Then, things get complicated on how to get rid of parasites in the true sense of the word GONE.

Testing is not always accurate, as 1 out of 4 people are diagnosed correctly to have parasites. I refer most of my clients to a gastrointestinal MD in NYC who has traveled the world and can diagnose a much wider variety of parasites than a regular test. He gets a sample along the intestinal wall where critters love to hang out. On you! The next best choice of tests is a stool test kit. I like ‘Doctors Data’ stool collection kit. Also, you can get a blood test. Here’s Dr. Kevin Cahill’s contact info (212) 879-2607. He is not a holistic doctor.

Most of us probably have some parasites and would rather not want to think about it. I am so sorry to even suggest that this is the possible reason for poor digestive problems. I have heard that supplementing with a Betaine Hydrochloride with Pepsin can create a barrier against acquiring parasites. HCI is a supplement that supports having good stomach acid. Most people over age 40 really should supplement with it at every meal containing fats or protein foods. If you feel a warm or burning sensation in your belly then discontinue use. Take as directed. Those critters won’t get past that acid.

I will blog again soon with more information on how to get rid of parasites. You are welcome to come see me for a session so we can discuss some options that I have heard have worked. Please consult a healthcare practitioner before taking on any new regimes or supplements.


It all started 21 years ago when I was suffering from chronic yeast infections, acne, constipation, and an overall lack of energy. I was very resistant to a change in my diet, but a friend encouraged me to acquire as much knowledge as I could about my health problems. I transitioned myself onto a vegan diet and after one year nothing had changed. Once I committed to eating 75% of my diet exclusively of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts did a transformation happen. After going through five different doctors in three years I finally was able to heal myself with this radical change in diet. Raw foods allowed my body the opportunity to heal itself. I could never go back again.

We are living beings with a vital life force in our bodies. It makes complete sense that we would put that same life force rich food into our body to create an energetic body. Kirlian photography shows the energy field of any raw food exhibiting a beautiful aura of high voltage light and electricity emanating from the food. Take the same food and cook it and the light remains only a dim glow.

Raw food comes in a perfect package of just the correct amount of water, fiber, enzymes and phytonutrients. You can never improve upon nature. Raw food is a water rich food. Our body is 70% water and ingesting water rich food creates ease in digestion. Most people eat very concentrated food that takes more energy to digest then to exercise! When we cook our food we remove the moisture content and then expected to drink 8 glasses of water to replace it. Why not just eat raw food?

Fruits and vegetables move through the body leaving nothing behind except vital nutrients. When we eat refined food, meat, cheese, pasta or tofu this food creates a sticky poop! Waste residue is often left behind, absorbed and creates obstruction in the body. Disease is often a product of obstructive waste found in our cellular body, organs and tissue. Eating raw food that moves cleanly through the body and carries itself out in the form of fiber keeps the body a well working machine!

Raw food encourages the body to detoxify. The ionic charge in raw food can create an awakening to occur of toxins to be released from the cells. Also, the ease in digestion allows the body to gain energy to heal and renew the body.

Enzymes are necessary for all metabolic processes of the body including digestion. Raw Food is packed with enzymes to support good digestion. When we eat cooked food this creates stress on the body to provide adequate enzymes for digestion. This can accelerate the aging process.

When we cook our food above 113 degrees the enzymatic activity begins to perish. At 118 degrees the food is considered dead. The molecular structure has changed. Think of what a string bean feels like raw. It is crispy and snaps into pieces. Think of the same string bean after being cooked it becomes limp and mushy. What kind of body do you want?

There is evidence of a heighten immune response after ingesting cooked food. Leukocytosis has occurred which is a raise in the body’s white blood cell count. The body has an innate intelligence that responds when a foreign invader has arrived, “COOKED FOOD!” Think about the thousands of cooked food meals eaten and the wear and tear on the immune system over ones lifetime.

Have you ever noticed after eating a cooked meal that you need to clear your throat or blow your nose? How do you spell M-U-C-U-S? How can all that mucus do a body good? Cooked food can create an irritation to the body’s tissues and organs. In response, excessive amounts of mucus are generated to protect itself. Over time, this mucus can harden and create more obstruction in the body. Trying to lose weight?

Raw foods generally have a high alkalinity in pH. Truthfully, when seeking healing of any disease the answer in part can be found in changing ones pH chemistry. Most people consume highly acidic foods such as animal protein, grains, coffee, alcohol and refined foods. An acid forming diet will create an acidic body. Although nuts and seeds tend to be acid forming they should be consumed in small amounts. Almonds are a highly alkalizing food.

Finally, there is the debate that raw food nutrition cannot be absorbed as well as cooked food. Most raw food is very digestible when not overeaten and eaten in good combination. Raw green leafy veggies such as kale can be juiced, blended into a smoothie or massaged with oil to break down the cellulose better. The nutrition in raw food is far superior in quality compared to any cooked food any day.

You don’t have to be a Raw Foodist to be healthy, but increasing the amount of raw food in your diet is very beneficial to creating good health.


It’s that time again. The holidays are here. For many people there are gifts to make or purchase, parties to go to, family gatherings to attend, and lots of planning to do. I feel stressed already! Of course, I admit I put these stresses onto myself.

With so much to do it is important to take EXTRA good care of yourself at this time. This can be a challenging thing to do when faced with social engagements such as parties, family gatherings with tempting festive food to gorge. Here are some of my special tips to help when those difficult moments arise.

Plan ahead. If you are visiting family or going to a party eat before you go, bring food with you, call ahead and ask what kind of food will be served, bring a dish that will be big enough for you to eat and share with others.

Say as little as possible about your diet. Be an example of a healthy person and that will speak for itself. If you talk in detail about your diet you will welcome the possibility of a debate, others may feel uncomfortable and threatened, and you will feel like a freak.

If your host feels sorry for you because you don’t want to eat/drink toxic substances, say “ I love salad!” or “I feel so good eating this way and it’s worth it!” Your enthusiasm will shine and no one can ever tell you how you feel. If others are insulted that you are not eating their food and you have explained that it may make you sick to eat then they are not being considerate to you. When you are a guest in someone’s home they should be concerned that you are comfortable and happy. Right? Answer: make sure you bring your own chow.

Cravings. A beast. The definition of a craving is ‘to long for’ or ‘a desire.’ Temptation will be everywhere and whether happy or gloomy anyone can find cause to loose his or her head.

Ready for the answer? Stay conscious and present in the moment. It really is your choice. The question is: Is the payoff of giving into a craving is really worth it to you? So, when I have a craving I tune in. What is it that I really want? Is it the taste? Do I want sweet, salty, crunchy, chewy, spicy, or creamy? Or is it that this gal can’t resist free food? How about the numbing out experience on starch overload? When we overeat we get so sedated from the chemical reactions in our body it causes a stimulating effect. Foods such as meat, dairy, wheat, sugar all contain opiate like substances that induce pleasure sensations in the body and can cause dependency. That means food addiction. So, if you reach for the bread or the pastries your healthy diet may go down the drain. Caput! Chances are you will be dreaming about when you can eat those cupcakes again. If you think you can get away with eating just one think again. Remember how you felt last time you gave in. Fool!

Solution. Try having some great substitutes on hand. Raw food desserts are delicious. Break open those cookbooks and get the dehydrator on. Mine is on right now!

Negotiate. I do this all the time and I have been eating raw food in great abundance for two decades. So, you want a potato chip. A good tactic is to ask yourself if you can avoid having it today, and make a deal with yourself if you want it tomorrow that you will consider it. Usually, the craving is long forgotten. However, if the next day you are still thinking about that darn potato chip that you missed eating at the party you went to consider finding a healthier substitute. How about dehydrated crackers or air popped popcorn? If you work with this you may be able to let it go.

That is the true question. Can you let it go? Are you ready? As long as you feel it is okay to still eat that food that you know is toxic it will continue to be a temptation and have a hold of you. I haven’t eaten pizza in 20 years, and I can watch someone eat it and it doesn’t do a thing for me. I used to love pizza.

Of course, this blog would not be complete without mentioning the good old colonic. Often, when one is holding old food in the body this will interfere with good digestion and assimilation. Cleansing the colon will help to heal food cravings and improve digestion. Any illustration of a human colon will reveal a thread running along it also known as the nervous system. A full toxic colon will aggravate the nervous system and can create irritability, anxiety, mood swings and those crazy food cravings. So, no better time then now to wipe the slate clean and have a colonic!

Finally, tuning in also means looking deeper inside yourself to see what your craving is really about emotionally. Perhaps, this holiday season you don’t have a mate, or it feels stressful to visit family, you may be grieving a loss in your life, or struggling financially. We all have dilemmas that we contemplate on a daily basis. Instead of feeding the problem with a fast fix of food indulgences why not think of something else. Feed your soul with a walk in the park, call a long missed friend, take a hot bath with essential oils, schedule a massage or sauna at Gravity East Village, (my office) or put on your favorite music and sing and dance. I do!

Gratitude is the best medicine on earth. Even if you can only be grateful for each breath you take. Your life is a treasured gift to cherish during the holiday season.

Happy Holidays!
Donna Perrone


BLOG: Faking Salad?



While visiting Washington, DC recently, I played tourist and spent time sightseeing. I visited the National Zoo, and loved seeing the pandas, went to the Smithsonian Museums, and to our nation’s many monuments. After a full day of taking in the sights this gal is ready to chow down. There are no healthy food options to be found near the mall for a veggie gal like me. Forget organic. Can this NYC health nut find a decent salad in our nation’s capitol? Yes! It may not be organic, but I located a Chop’t salad joint in the Chinatown area of DC. Every evening after the museums closed you’d find me there digging into a salad with all my favorite picks such as baby spinach, cucumber, avocado, sweet onion, celery, and tomatoes. To liven it up I’d add some roasted asparagus, beets or roasted peppers. Simple dressings were offered.

Each night I observed the crowd and felt trilled to watch a long line form of people waiting for their salad to be made. I thought to myself ”This is great! People are happy to eat salad for dinner just like me! I have found a tribe here in good old DC!

On my last night eating at the salad joint I found myself sitting near the counter where people order their food. I couldn’t help over hearing what people were ordering. The orders consisted of the Cobb Salad or the Asian Salad with chicken and extra cheese. Oh my god! I didn’t notice what people were eating. I dare peer over my clear plastic bowl to find the dreaded land of beige salads. Order after order before my eyes consisted of chicken, egg whites and cheese with iceberg lettuce and a couple of token tomatoes. On my other side there was a ‘salad’ consisting of eggs, cheese and bacon with iceberg lettuce. Can you even call this a salad? It’s a fraud! I felt myself become flushed. A sense of loneliness swept over me. There I was with my very colorful array of salad greens, and vegetables with absolutely nothing beige in my bowl. I am still the odd one in the crowd even at the salad joint!

My taste buds love the variety of favor that vegetables offer the palette. When we move towards a cleaner diet consisting of vegetable juices, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts and seeds our tastes improve and simple foods have more flavor. When we are used to eating processed foods, overly salty food, refined sweeteners, and fried food we will crave more of that. Look at a salad after eating a plate of french fries and I guarantee that will not be the choice of the day.

The amount of protein and fat consisted in these fake salads will surely contribute to heart disease, obesity, cancer, stokes, high blood pressure and diabetes. The typical American diet now weighs in at more than 3,700 calories per day dominated by meat and animal products. Meat, cheese, dressing and avocado contained at one individual meal supplies too much fat! We have been conditioned to eat a certain way and we are creatures of habit. It is hard to break old habits.

Are we all in denial that we are being healthy eaters at the pseudo-salad joint and fooling ourselves that we can get away with bacon in our salad? I mean no offense to anyone who eats animal foods. My message consists of this. Please eat one serving of one animal food daily at most. Make your selection of dairy, cheese, yogurt, meat, fish, chicken, or eggs. Pick ONE choice, only at ONE meal DAILY. Please choose an animal that has been grass-fed, free-range, unpasteurized from a local farm. Please never from a factory farm. Factory farm animals are not treated well, the conditions are not sanitary, and pollutes the environment. Raising animals for food is very, very energy intensive. Indeed, livestock production worldwide is responsible for a whooping 18% of the world’s total greenhouse gases. Yes, that is actually more then what gas emissions cause of the world’s cars, buses, planes and trains combined. Want to save the planet? Then go Vegan. P.S.- If we stop eating pigs then Swine Flu will go away and no one needs to get sick or have mandatory vaccines!

On a positive note I am happy to say many of the people observed were practicing good food combining principles. They ate protein with vegetables. They included no addition of a starchy food such as bread. Bravo!

What does this Colon Hydro-therapist say about this topic? When we eat animal foods we are not able to digest it very well due to our Physiology. Our digestion is at a disadvantage without enough of a supply of hydrochloric acid, or uric acid to break down animal foods properly. When the food reaches the colon there’s trouble. Animal protein contains no fiber and the colon needs fiber that helps to bulk up waste to form stool. Without fiber the colon’s use of peristalsis must work excessively hard to move the small amount of waste through the Intestines. Peristalsis is the ‘action’ that helps to make a bowel movement happen. There’s excessive pressure generated on the bowel wall created by gases. Eventually over ones lifetime of eating animal foods or processed foods conditions such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis, polups, and colon cancer can result.

Is American ready to go vegan? Not yet, but things are changing. America Wake Up! Hello Al Gore we need a sequel on climate change that recommends Veganism.

Make your salads satisfying and tasty by adding: avocado, nuts, seeds, calorically dense veggies such as celery, cabbage, fennel, grated carrots, beets, or raw sauerkraut. Also: fresh herbs, spices, seasonings, seaweed and more. Include a side order of quinoa, millet, or steamed potato. Consume salad in a bowl rather then a plate. Fill-er-up!



The summer heat is here and this Colon Hydro-therapist cooled off recently with an excursion to a local water park featuring water slides, and a cool wave pool. I grabbed my bikini, packed a lunch and headed to Jersey. This day trip meant planning ahead my food, which consisted of two Norwalk pressed green/vegetable juices from the best juice joint in NYC called, ‘Liquidteria,’ packed in a cold storage insulated bag with a cold pack, germinated sunflower seeds, sliced vegetables, and a lemon Lara Bar.

P.S.- My friend made me an awesome coconut shake sweetened with stevia to drink during our car ride to the park. Delicious!

We arrived at the park and got stopped at the gate. We were told, “No Food is Permitted in the Park!” Caught! Poor shame, my innocent veggie food is condemned. The park offers an array of fake food offerings to choose from consisting of hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and fried chicken. What’s a health nut to do? Answer: I argue! I declare, “My doctor has me on a special diet and I must eat my own food.” They offer a solution to leave our food just outside the park on a picnic table under a large tent. Good enough. Hopefully, the woodchucks will leave my sunflower seeds alone while unattended!

When these situations arise I feel like the world is an insane place and that we have become so disconnected with what should be considered ‘normal’ and ‘natural.’ To me ‘normal’ means taking the best care of myself and eating natural food that comes from the earth. ‘Normal’ would never exist in a deep fryer.

Onward to the fun! Water slides are so cool! I am a fearless water slide warrior! I even went on the tallest water slide in the park! I could feel the cool change in temperature up at the top!

Any entertainment park holds lines of people that wait their turn for a trill ride, and there was plenty of time to observe and contemplate the crowd. Since this is a water park there is a grand opportunity to get a good view of people in their bathing suits. Perhaps, what was shown to me was less to be desired. My personal journey of eating primarily raw food for 20 years, practicing periodic cleansing methods and being a Colon Hydro-therapist has awarded me with some wisdom on the subject of toxicity. By no means am I perfect and prefer not to be so, and would not impose perfection onto anyone. This personal journey toward wellness takes much effort and consciousness to sustain daily. I feel great compassion toward all beings that struggle with weight issues, any physical/emotional dilemmas, ignorance and lack of discipline. All the work that I do is in support to help others overcome these struggles.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. Over 58 million Americans are overweight. I witnessed an overwhelming amount of overweight people at the park. A slice of Americana is seen. In particular, many of these people looked very bloated in their mid-section. The cause ranges from over-consumption of food, too much animal protein and refined food, imbalances in the body, lack of food combining principles, and poor food choices. These bellies ranged from a little pouch, to bloated, to pregnant sized gut, to a completely descended colon that is impacted with layers of mucus, waste and toxic gases collecting for years. Please forgive me, fore I am so saddened by our society. We are becoming a toxic, weakened, numb, over-stimulated, addicted, medicated, sick society. This water park asked me to keep my veggies outside the park, yet offers these already sick and abused bodies more grease. Is it ‘normal’ to live this way?

There were many families at the park. The amount of overweight children present was alarming. How will these children cope with keeping a proper weight when they only know to live in a heavy body that causes their little hearts, and lungs to work excessively hard to carry around all that excess weight. The digestive system is burdened and overwhelmed. All organs, glands and systems are stressed. The cellular body becomes clogged. Their parents overfeed them with unhealthy food that creates their little arteries to clog at a young age. Their relationship to food begins now and becomes fixed. What will the future bring?

Excessive fat cells remain in the body forever. Only with surgery can you remove this fat. Dieting only works temporarily. Eating healthier and less food is the only solution. Statistics reveal that only 5% of people are successful on diets. A change in lifestyle is key to any long-term success.

The most unpleasant vision to behold at the park was to witness the many men whose chests seemed rather developed. Yes, I mean breasts! I am not talking about muscle or fat; I mean a developed and defined area of tissue called a breast! Why is this happening? Answer: People who have consumed a high amount of animal foods over many years containing hormones may eventually develop this phenomenon. Normal? Who is ‘normal’ a raw food vegan from the NYC or a girlie man? No dates, please. If necessary please eat only grass fed, free-range animals.

Finally, I saw some young people at the park in their twenties and early thirties. They are an average weight and are physically fit. My discerning Colon Hydro-therapist eye detects a level of toxicity found in the tissue. When the body becomes flabby, fleshy or loose we can guess that the tissue contains toxins, poisons, and gases along with fat. This level of toxicity stored away in the cells is found in our skin and soft tissue. This waste and gases age the body and will make the tissue quality sag. Looking to have a youthful body and to feel great at any age? It is essential to practice eating a super healthy diet along with periodic cleansing. Yes, you got it. Please include colonics as part of your health program and you’ll be on your way!

Donna Perrone


Bonjour! A raw foodist is found in Paris! I recently visited Paris, France for 10 days and had a splendid time. Prior to leaving, I told my veggie friends about my trip and their first reaction was “What will you eat in Paris?” In the land of croissant, cheese and wine how would a veggie gal like me survive? No problem. I have camped in the midst of the Rockies eating out of a cooler for 3 weeks and have survived visits to meat eating Relatives homes and social gatherings of all kinds. Never Fear! Donna’s got this one figured out!

What made this trip very enjoyable was that we rented an apartment. The price was no different then renting a hotel room. Search online and there are deals to be found. We had a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator that allowed us to make and prepare our own food. This generated a huge savings instead of eating out for every meal.

Any excursion whether a day trip or a vacation will need some thought and planning in advance. So, I packed the essentials needed for any veggie raw foodist needs and wants. First, think Zip Lock Bags. Yes, nothing glamorous. Bringing glass bottles of algae, seaweed, green power enzymes and vitamin supplements would be a Big Mistake! Also, think of those nasty x-ray machines at the airport. ZAP! Bring just the amount you will need for your trip. Search for sandwich and snack size ziplock bags. This will be and easy way for you the carry your powers with you in a purse or backpack. Label them if you need to.

What’s for breakfast? My breakfast in NYC is a choice of a green juice, green smoothie/energy soup or fresh fruit. Go ahead, try and find a green juice in Paris. Dare you! No way, No Luck! So, I packed my Magic Bullet, which is a small, light in weight mini blender. This is by far my favorite gadget next to my I-phone. It comes with several different canisters. Some canisters even have a handle to drink out of and included are screw-on lids. At home I use the Magic Bullet to make yummy raw dressings. Just pack the Magic Bullet with veggies, herbs, nuts/seeds/oils/avocado and water and blend to make just the right amount of dressing to cover a delicious salad. While on a vacation use the Magic Bullet to make a morning green smoothie or energy soup. Make a green smoothie with fruits, leafy sprouts, green leafy vegetables, algae, green power, goji berries and water and blend. I fill the container two times to make a satisfying drink. If traveling overseas don’t forget to pack a converter!

There is a manual travel juicer I own that uses no electricity that is easy to carry and clean. Contact: Hippocrates Health Institute to order it. It can juice all vegetables including carrot but all ingredients must be cut into small pieces. A countertop or table is necessary.

After a glorious morning viewing some the world’s greatest art in the numerous Parisian museums this gal is ready for lunch. Unfortunately, Paris is not as salad friendly as NYC. The Parisians love their veggies and the markets are so amazing. The produce is farmer’s market quality and stamped with no GMO’s! I packed my favorite Tupperware that fits perfectly in my knapsack and a little plastic bottle that can be found in any hiking/camping store. I made a salad in advance and carried it with me till lunchtime and I put olive oil in the little bottle to use as a dressing. I put the little bottle of oil in a ziplock bag just in case of any leaking problems. This salad is not boring! Back in NYC, I prepared several different blends of my favorite seasonings in ziplock bags all ready to be sprinkled on a salad at a moments notice. Some blends included onion powder, garlic powder, caraway seed, fennel seed, cumin seed, black pepper, Celtic salt, curry powder, cayenne powder etc.. Avocados can be found in Paris! I am in heaven! Also, I carry a spork that is part fork and spoon and a swiss army knife that can be found at any hiking/camping store. Make sure to pack the knife in your bag that goes underneath the plane. And don’t forget a cloth napkin. Please save a tree!

You can use a cold storage insulated bag and cold packs to keep your food cool. This will add some weight to your knapsack, but is a nice idea. If you do not have access to a kitchen, and are staying in a hotel room, then ask for a room that has a refrigerator. Bring a small flexible cutting board that is light in weight and a knife with a protective cover.

Indeed, life is good. Cruising the streets of Paris. Went to Versailles, Rodin Museum, Louvre, Musee d’Orsay, Latin Quarter, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, Picasso Museum, and the Pompidou. Such fun! Need a snack? Good idea to pack fresh fruit, raw bars, or raw crackers. Just in case a munchie attack comes on. Bring your favorite treats with you from home.

I ate in parks, on benches, stairs, cafeterias, and even went to a Chinese restaurant where my friend ordered food and I ate my salad there. I ordered a side of steamed vegetables at the restaurant that sufficed my taking up a seat. Leave a generous tip! Day after day, the French peered onto my gorgeous salad with envy as I watched them eat cheese and bread sandwiches! No match!

Are you wondering if I was tempted to eat any of the rich Parisian foods? Actually, I felt very content with my own food. I have been eating primarily raw food and vegan for 20 years now. For easy packing at dinner I ate germinated pumpkin/sunflower seeds with celery sticks, fennel slices, baby spinach, and cherry tomatoes. This keeps well in my bag all day. Simple eating is always best!

Or by dinnertime I allowed for other options on my plate. In advance, I researched on any veggie restaurants or natural food stores found in Paris. There are approximately 10 restaurants in Paris, France. I visited several that were very accommodating to my vegan diet. As I am a happy 80% to 100% raw foodist there were many healthy cooked options to be savored. Such as: cooked vegetables, soups, salads, potato, and healthy grain options. We also visited ethnic style restaurants and ate vegan Japanese, Middle Eastern and Moroccan foods. I consider myself a purist at heart that lives with balance. When away from home make the best of the experience. Don’t be too rigid or you will become a rigid person! What truly matters is that you are making great choices at least 80% of the time. In these instances find the cleanest options on the menu. Good choices are side dishes of vegetables, leave the sauce on the side, use lemon or olive oil instead, and steam rather then fry your food. Please no soy or seitan! Pack those enzymes in a ziplock bag!

The big question on everyone’s mind is, “Did you drink wine?” I rarely drink alcohol. I occasionally do on holidays, special occasions like a wedding, or when on vacation. Yes, I drank a little wine on my trip and believe me one glass of red wine definite relaxes this very busy NYC gal. I will admit that whenever I do drink I see the appeal and addictive aspect of alcohol consumption. Wine may have bioflavonoids and some positive aspects on the body, yet it is a highly acidic substance, which taxes the liver and assaults the immune system. Truth be told, on occasion this gal feels the need to break out of the routine and this Rebel desires a glass of wine. So, I let my hair down on occasion, and am back on my healthy lifestyle the very next day. Find balance with yourself to nurture your body and your emotional side. It all depends on whether you tend to be more addicted to food or drink or not that is the deciding factor to consider.

After any vacation, this Colon Hydro-therapist is happy to return home for a Colonic! Traveling can interfere with good elimination. Traveling by airplane effects digestion due to change in air pressure that generates gases. Traveling on long train or car trips generates lack of movement that can leave a colon a tad sluggish. Many people go off their healthy eating habits and slack on exercise while on vacation. It is a great idea to schedule a colonic to remove unwanted gases and waste that can linger after a trip. Replenish yourself and feel renewed!

Dear Paris,
Thank you for a wonderful time! Until we meet again!

Donna Perrone is a Colon Hydro-therapist and co-owner of Gravity East Village. Donna is a raw food educator and community leader and organizes raw food events for Accent on Wellness in NYC.
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The first thought that comes to my mind about writing to everyone out there in cyber land is..
“Who is going to read my blog?“

Perhaps, only a curious mind would venture to read this prime original blog. Surely, I dare reveal the mysteries of bathroom antics and cleansing protocols. Okay, just having fun. Yes, I am the one and only Colon Hydro-Therapist Blogger. My name is Donna Perrone and I have a holistic health office in NYC called Gravity East Village. Yes, you guessed it, “I clean colons for a living! “

Maybe I should start at the beginning. In 1989 I had a nasty little health problem called Candida. Also known as a chronic yeast infection. There were other problems too, such as constipation, gas, acne (serious), pms- (bad cramps, ouch!), and underweight (blink and you’d miss me). So, nothing serious, yet for 3 years I visited 5 different doctors and all they did was to prescribe more meds. I was in my early 20’s and for the first time in my life the doctor couldn’t cure me. I thought that I was too young for this. This Candida thing was uncomfortable. I had a friend whose mother recovered from Arthritis on a raw foods diet. She urged me to do a little research about Candida. Or better known as Candida Albicans. So, I read every book I could find and slowly over the course of one year I changed my diet. I went from the SAD diet to a vegan diet. Yet, nothing changed. Not one bit.

Then, March 1989 arrived, and at age 24 I made a commitment. Finally, my friend convinced me. What did I have to loose? So I did it. I went RAW! My diet consisted of 75% raw foods – fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds, and sprouts, and 25% steamed veggies, a baked potato, or brown rice. And I ate it plain. And very simple. No condiments. No catsup. I agreed to do this for one month. Yikes!

The first thing I noticed was that I woke up at 6 am without the alarm. That’s a miracle! And I felt cleaner. No wiggles in the eye pits or dry crusty eardrums. Also, for the first time in my life, I skipped a menstrual period. I felt no fear, only excitement. I knew something had changed and I was inspired to keep going.

Month Two. I got my period. And no cramps. Halleluiah!! Two miracles. I was having an epiphany. I’ll keep trying this raw food thing even though the yeast persisted. Month Three. Jack Pot. No yeast infection. And that was almost 20 years ago and I’ve been good ever since. So long, Ray’s pizza, and chocolate cannolis! I’ll never look back.

Then for several years I was riding high on raw foods feeling empowered by my ability to heal myself. Then, about five years later my energy level was not quite the same as it had been. I found that I needed to eat every 2 or 3 hours or I’d feel ‘not grounded’. The amount of food I was eating was enormous and I was bloated. I started having panic attacks. My skin had never cleared up and I had the worse acne ever. My face looked like the Catskill Mountains. And even worse, my menstrual pain was back with a vengeance. What was I doing wrong? I was such a good raw foodist. So, I rationalized that I needed to cleanse my body further. I juice fasted, I flushed, and I even tried energy healing and herbs. I was eating 100% raw almost entirely all the time. If anything, I was feeling worse rather than feeling better. I was in denial for a long time. I thought raw food was the answer. How could it let me down?

Then, I met a raw food friend who had the answer. You need a colonic! I said are you kidding? I was constipated as a child and now am pooping 3 times a day or more. I don’t need a colonic. She persisted for a long time. Get A Colonic! Finally, I paid a visit to my colonic guru, the master himself, Gil Jacobs. My first session went on forever. He called it an exorcism. I was never the same. I went to see him only one time per month, as that was what my artist budget would allow at the time. Within one year my skin cleared up and the pms had improved drastically. I compared the people from the raw food community to the colon therapists I met and knew the missing link to vibrant, radiant health can be found at the colonic office. This experience has directed me to the work I do today. So, that’s how it started. Stay tuned. More tales to be told in a future blog..

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Let’s face it. Just about everyone has Gallstones. Gallstones are found in the liver, gallbladder and connecting ducts. There can be thousands of stones that accumulate in the liver that never show up on a basic blood test. I learned about the Liver/Gallbladder Flush about 10 years ago. I met many people at the time that would show up at a local health group exhibiting their gallstones for all to see. Big stones, little stones, some are yellow green or emerald green, some are metallic looking, tan or brown in color. EEKK!

What are they made out of? Answer: Gallstones are mostly made out of cholesterol as the main ingredient (95%), bile and calcium salts. Their size resemble pebbles, peas, lentils, pinheads, or as big as a walnut! Sometimes, they are stuck together. Could have 20 come out all at once. Freaky! I realized that I had to try this! I eat raw food so I’m in over my head anyway. No turning back now. Indeed, I’m on a cleansing mission to cleanse myself!

How do they come out? Answer: Anus.

Does it hurt? Answer: No, but you may feel a little queasy when doing the actual gallbladder flush. Got a barf bag?

How do I do this? Answer: Well, I teach a detailed workshop in NYC on how to do a gallbladder flush and there is no way that I can explain this in the detail needed in a blog. Sign up to my email list and you’d find out when I next class is. I recommend purchasing this book, ‘The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush’ by Andreas Moritz. This book outlines how to do the flush. However, there are two methods on how to conduct a gallbladder flush. The one outlined in Moritz’s book is a 6-Day Preparation and a Gallbladder Flush that consists of drinking 4 ounces of olive oil. That’s right, you heard me. I said 4 ounces of olive oil! I have Italian blood in my veins, but this is taking it a little too far! The other approach, which Dr. Hulda Clark made popular, is a 4-Day Preparation and drinking 8 ounces of olive oil. Please, hold on and don’t faint! I’ll go get the smelling salts immediately!

Okay, why would anyone do this? Have we all gone mad? No! Many common and serious health problems occur due to a fatty liver. Liver congestion and stagnation can contribute to diseases such as heart disease, prostate disease, hormonal imbalances, skin disorders, constipation and digestive issues, excessive weight or wasting, dark color under the eyes, digestive problems, asthma, cancer, kidney diseases, MS, insomnia, joint issues, puffy eyes, hepatitis, and many more.

The body is a whole entity. When one part is not functioning optimally then this affects other bodily functions. The liver is extraordinarily resilient and can return to normal function when given the right circumstance. Gallstones can inhibit liver performance and can affect the growth and functioning of every cell in the body. Any malfunction, deficiency or abnormal growth pattern of a cell is largely due to a poor liver performance. The speedy delivery of oxygen or nutrients to the cells is diminished. Cancerous tumors are in part, a result of obstruction of blood vessels, connective tissues, and lymphatic ducts that prevent cells from receiving proper oxygen and nutrients.

By doing a gallbladder flush you take steps to restore your liver and improve your health. By decongesting the liver and gallbladder the body’s 60-100 trillion cells will breathe more oxygen, receive sufficient amounts of nutrients, eliminate metabolic waste products, and maintain perfect communication links with nervous system, endocrine system, and every part of the body.

How do I know if I have gallstones? Answer: Liver congestion and stagnation can reflect in the skin. Having skin blemishes, discoloration, dryness, oiliness, wrinkles, or lines. Marks on the skin such as black spots, small or large brown patches usually found on the face, hands, forearms and on the back of the shoulder. Also, any vertical lines found between eyebrows and if skin color under the eyes is yellowish or a dark color. Ever see an angry person with intense vertical lines between the eyes? Oh, Scary!

What causes gallstones? Answer: Overeating, (been there, done that), eating between meals, (got me again), eating heavy meals in the evening, eating excessive amounts of protein, dehydration, rapid weight loss, low fat diets, pharmaceutical drugs, and emotional stress.

Is there any adverse risk to doing this? Answer: There is a risk taken when crossing the street in NYC. Yes, it is possible, but an extremely rare occurrence that gallstones may get lodged on their way through the ducts that create a blockage that may cause an attack. I would assume that if this were to happen that your gallbladder’s days were numbered anyway. Why not cleanse the liver and get those guppies out as soon as possible!

What if someone doesn’t have a gallbladder? Answer: Yes, you can still do this flush according to Andreas Moritz.

There is some controversy on whether what is passed are really and truly gallstones. A client of mine did have his stones tested and received an inconclusive result. In my opinion, I feel that there are gallstones that are passed and that there is also oil that is released. The consumption of this quantity of oil demands a huge amount of bile to be released and this response creates a great cleansing for the liver and gallbladder.

Do I have to fast to do the flush? Answer: No, please eat extra healthy and clean your colon!

How many flushes must I do? Answer: Usually 10-12 and then 1 every other year for maintenance. I’ve done this 6 times and feel I have gotten most of them out.

Donna’s Personal Suggestion List: Please drink 32 ounces of apple juice or take Malic Acid, Hold your nose and breath when you sip the oil and exhale only when you sip some lemon juice, use a straw to drink the olive oil, lay on your right side afterwards, clean your colon using a colonic the day before or the morning on the actual day of the flush, best to do a second colonic the day after you pass the gallstones, do not drink liquids after you drink the oil until the next day, (the belching is hell), stay home the day you pass stones, (passing gallstones in a public bathroom is a Big No No!), lay on your side if nothing is coming out, and do the gallbladder flush in the evening rather then the afternoon.

If doing this flush is not for you, or you have been unsuccessful doing the flush consider taking Systemic Enzymes. These enzymes are taken away from food and support all the body’s metabolic processes. You will need a tremendous amount of enzymes to autolysis gallstones. I get mine from my raw food mentor, Dr. Fred Bisci.

You can expect a disease free life, improved digestion, more energy and vitality, improved emotional health, a younger body, a clearer mind, and a better life from doing this flush.

I make no prescriptions or diagnosis. It is advised that you consult with a licensed health care professional when considering doing this cleanse. You take full legal responsibility when making any decisions regarding your health care.