BLOG: The Battle of the Bulge American Style




The summer heat is here and this Colon Hydro-therapist cooled off recently with an excursion to a local water park featuring water slides, and a cool wave pool. I grabbed my bikini, packed a lunch and headed to Jersey. This day trip meant planning ahead my food, which consisted of two Norwalk pressed green/vegetable juices from the best juice joint in NYC called, ‘Liquidteria,’ packed in a cold storage insulated bag with a cold pack, germinated sunflower seeds, sliced vegetables, and a lemon Lara Bar.

P.S.- My friend made me an awesome coconut shake sweetened with stevia to drink during our car ride to the park. Delicious!

We arrived at the park and got stopped at the gate. We were told, “No Food is Permitted in the Park!” Caught! Poor shame, my innocent veggie food is condemned. The park offers an array of fake food offerings to choose from consisting of hot dogs, pizza, ice cream, and fried chicken. What’s a health nut to do? Answer: I argue! I declare, “My doctor has me on a special diet and I must eat my own food.” They offer a solution to leave our food just outside the park on a picnic table under a large tent. Good enough. Hopefully, the woodchucks will leave my sunflower seeds alone while unattended!

When these situations arise I feel like the world is an insane place and that we have become so disconnected with what should be considered ‘normal’ and ‘natural.’ To me ‘normal’ means taking the best care of myself and eating natural food that comes from the earth. ‘Normal’ would never exist in a deep fryer.

Onward to the fun! Water slides are so cool! I am a fearless water slide warrior! I even went on the tallest water slide in the park! I could feel the cool change in temperature up at the top!

Any entertainment park holds lines of people that wait their turn for a trill ride, and there was plenty of time to observe and contemplate the crowd. Since this is a water park there is a grand opportunity to get a good view of people in their bathing suits. Perhaps, what was shown to me was less to be desired. My personal journey of eating primarily raw food for 20 years, practicing periodic cleansing methods and being a Colon Hydro-therapist has awarded me with some wisdom on the subject of toxicity. By no means am I perfect and prefer not to be so, and would not impose perfection onto anyone. This personal journey toward wellness takes much effort and consciousness to sustain daily. I feel great compassion toward all beings that struggle with weight issues, any physical/emotional dilemmas, ignorance and lack of discipline. All the work that I do is in support to help others overcome these struggles.

Obesity is an epidemic in this country. Over 58 million Americans are overweight. I witnessed an overwhelming amount of overweight people at the park. A slice of Americana is seen. In particular, many of these people looked very bloated in their mid-section. The cause ranges from over-consumption of food, too much animal protein and refined food, imbalances in the body, lack of food combining principles, and poor food choices. These bellies ranged from a little pouch, to bloated, to pregnant sized gut, to a completely descended colon that is impacted with layers of mucus, waste and toxic gases collecting for years. Please forgive me, fore I am so saddened by our society. We are becoming a toxic, weakened, numb, over-stimulated, addicted, medicated, sick society. This water park asked me to keep my veggies outside the park, yet offers these already sick and abused bodies more grease. Is it ‘normal’ to live this way?

There were many families at the park. The amount of overweight children present was alarming. How will these children cope with keeping a proper weight when they only know to live in a heavy body that causes their little hearts, and lungs to work excessively hard to carry around all that excess weight. The digestive system is burdened and overwhelmed. All organs, glands and systems are stressed. The cellular body becomes clogged. Their parents overfeed them with unhealthy food that creates their little arteries to clog at a young age. Their relationship to food begins now and becomes fixed. What will the future bring?

Excessive fat cells remain in the body forever. Only with surgery can you remove this fat. Dieting only works temporarily. Eating healthier and less food is the only solution. Statistics reveal that only 5% of people are successful on diets. A change in lifestyle is key to any long-term success.

The most unpleasant vision to behold at the park was to witness the many men whose chests seemed rather developed. Yes, I mean breasts! I am not talking about muscle or fat; I mean a developed and defined area of tissue called a breast! Why is this happening? Answer: People who have consumed a high amount of animal foods over many years containing hormones may eventually develop this phenomenon. Normal? Who is ‘normal’ a raw food vegan from the NYC or a girlie man? No dates, please. If necessary please eat only grass fed, free-range animals.

Finally, I saw some young people at the park in their twenties and early thirties. They are an average weight and are physically fit. My discerning Colon Hydro-therapist eye detects a level of toxicity found in the tissue. When the body becomes flabby, fleshy or loose we can guess that the tissue contains toxins, poisons, and gases along with fat. This level of toxicity stored away in the cells is found in our skin and soft tissue. This waste and gases age the body and will make the tissue quality sag. Looking to have a youthful body and to feel great at any age? It is essential to practice eating a super healthy diet along with periodic cleansing. Yes, you got it. Please include colonics as part of your health program and you’ll be on your way!

Donna Perrone