BLOG: Donna’s Recent Juice Fasting Tale




Brr.. It’s cold outside in frigid NYC! I am not worried about global warming at the moment. Shelf that one. So, why is a Vata gal like me doing on a juice fast? No, I am not crazy! I have been in hibernation mode lately and feel it’s a great time to fast, as I am not missing out on very much happening outside. My East Village apartment gets plenty of heat and my holistic health office ‘Gravity East Village’ is a hop skip and a jump away on East 5th Street. So, I just finished a juice fast of 5 days consuming only 96 ounces of vegetable juice a day filled with lots of green leafy veggies. On Day 6 of my fast I drank some blended vegetable soups that tasted like gazpacho! Yumm!

This fast was quite easy to conduct. I was very focused at the task at hand and made at least half the juice myself each day and bought the rest ready made at my local juice joint ‘Liquidteria.’ I made the juice with an electric juicer and while making juice I put a measuring cup underneath to catch the juice and used a mesh strainer on top to catch the pulp. I recommend straining the juice, as it will make the juice fast a more pure and true fast. I drink lots of water in between juices and allow for a little herbal tea. On a cold day fasting can feel more intense as one may feel more chilled and drinking herbal tea hits the spot. My favorite is peppermint or lemon/ginger. I consume almost all green juice, but add a little carrot or apple to make the juice more calorie dense. This makes the juice less cooling to the body, and baby it’s cold outside! Those people with cancer or any fungal issues should refrain from consuming any carrots or fruits. I create a variety of tastes. Drinking the same juice day after day can get rather boring. Pooh Pooh.. Juice must taste yummy and let’s have fun fasting if we can! Yes, indeed! Sometimes, I add lemon or cilantro and the next juice some fennel or pineapple. Don’t they say variety creates the spice in life? Got some ginger? I drink 32 ounces in the morning, 32 ounces in the afternoon and 32 ounces in the evening. Some people will need more or less then that. I suggest making at least 75 ounces of juice a day. When one feels weak or lethargic you can bet that you either need more juice or a colonic or both!

During the fast when I experienced hunger I reached for a juice or water and felt fine. My mind was so sharp and focused. I was able to rebound on my mini trampoline, and practice yoga at home. I used our infrared sauna at the office and that was such a therapeutic experience. There’s nothing better then a sauna while fasting on a cold day. Awesome! My energy was excellent and awoke each morning before the alarm!

Day 5 of the fast was by far the hardest as it turned out to be a stressful day at the colonic office. It is best to fast when things are not too hectic or stressful, but life just seems to happen sometimes and throws you a challenge now and then. I always tell people to have an idea of how long you’d like to fast, but there’s no competition while fasting and the last thing to do is to feel irritable on a fast. When it isn’t working anymore for you it’s time to stop. So, I came off it on Day 6 by drinking vegetable soups and continued this way into Day 7. This is a way to extend the fast longer and a great way to break a fast. Fasting in the winter requires that the body needs more calories to keep itself warm and hunger will come on more intensely now. I lost 4 pounds in 6 days most people lose on average of one pound per day. Overweight people will lose more, and usually most people will lose more weight at the beginning of a fast and less as time goes by.

Of course, having colonics are part of the protocol. I gave myself a colonic about midway of the fast (do you believe it I can give myself a treatment?) and it helped me to feel better. My elimination was quite good throughout the fast. I often eliminated more then once a day. Many people do not elimination at all while fasting. Toxins are released from the cellular body as well as gases and find various avenues out of the body. Skin, lungs and the bowel are most popular departure routes. Colon Hydro-therapy is a must for anyone conducting a fast that is truly successful. Many people begin to feel blah on Day 3 or 4 and a colonic can help one to feel better and to remain inspired to continue. For those who have a poor elimination and feeling a little full from Day 1, then it is best to cleanse the bowel before the fast to have a good start. When the colon cannot keep up with the need to eliminate, these toxins can be reabsorbed through the bowel wall and this will defeat the purpose of the fast. Better to leave those toxins alone tucked away in the tissue rather than to awaken the beast and then it never makes its way out!

The vitality that is found in the raw fruits and vegetables is extraordinary. This energy shakes the toxins loose and detoxification begins its process. A successful fast is one that means that the toxins actually exit the body.

When we refrain from eating heavier more concentrated foods during a fast the body gains nerve energy and can use this energy to start cleansing and repairing the body. It takes more energy to digest food then to exercise, so the body uses this energy to allow for a deep cleansing of the tissue to occur. The juice has a wonderful way of loosening old cemented food and hardened mucus residing in the intestinal tract. Gotta empty that wastebasket! You betcha!

I experienced on this recent fast an elimination where some of my poop was floating and surrounded by mucus. Cool! My liver is cleansing!It doesn’t take much for this ‘Poop Master’ to get excited. You should see me at the office. I am your best cheerleader in the colonic room!

I broke my fast with a blended soup that I made in my good old Vitamix. I combined tomato, bell pepper, lime juice, cilantro, garlic powder, ground black pepper, celtic salt, flax/borage oil (just a teaspoon) and some coconut water. It was so satisfying! Then, later on since I cleaned my bowel I ate some grapefruits and then more blended soups and vegetable juice. On Day 7, I drank more vegetable juice, a green fruit smoothie and finished off with a salad. I had a second colonic after completing my fast, and it was better then the first one. Outstanding releases that rocked the tube! Mission accomplished. My fast is a success. I feel fantastic!