BLOG: What is Cleansing?



Most people have consumed a Standard American Diet at some point in their lives, and have been exposed to pollution, environmental toxins, medications and drugs, emotional stress, and negative emotions which can create an over-acid and deficient in electrolytes condition in the body. This scenario forces the body to create massive amounts of mucus as protection against the acids, especially in the intestines. Periodic cleansing methods with the use of raw foods, vegetable juices, and colonics can be very helpful to aid the body of unwanted debris. There are other methods of removing old debris from the body such as gallbladder flushes, herbs, Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, skin brushing, rebound exercise, rest, infra-red sauna, psyllium and bentonite cleanse, oxygen therapy, energy healing and therapeutic massage. When utilizing effective cleansing methods, old toxic substances that reside in fat cells, deep tissue, organs, and every cell in the body, can loosen, break up and be released.

Fasting can be considered a house cleaning measure, or a physiological vacation the body takes because the body is able to finally ‘Rest’. The body gains nerve energy and is able to apply this energy to repairing, restoring and replenishing the body. When the Faster/Juice Feaster consumes vegetable juices or blended vegetable smoothies only, the body gains energy that would have otherwise been used to digest more concentrated foods, and applies that energy to healing the body. It is an opportunity to allow the body to cleanse and heal on a deeper level.

Raw foods/vegetable juices hold an ionic charge. Our planet holds a ‘negative’ ionic charge, our bodies hold a negative ionic charge, and raw foods/vegetable juices the same. The consumption of raw food will move through the body cleanly leaving very little residue behind. The unhealthy foods people eat, pollution, drugs, negative emotions, are held in the cellular body because they hold a ‘positive’ charge. This creates a ‘magnet’ effect as a positive attracts a negative. These toxic substances ‘stick’ and can be held in the body for many years. Truly, the cleansing response occurs when we flood the body system with negatively charged juices and raw foods to create an opportunity for the cells to ‘let go’ of this old obstruction clogging the cellular body.

A successful cleanse occurs effectively when obstructing matter can exit the body. Often, once this old debris is released from the cells, and moves through the blood and lymph, it will eventually land up in the colon. However, an effective cleanse means emptying the ‘waste basket’ of the body. Proper colon cleansing is completed through the use of colon hydrotherapy. Other less effective means can be used such as: enemas, colema board, and laxatives.

Some common side effects of fasting include: Heightened alertness, sharper senses, sensitivity to sound, spiritual atonement, headaches, sensitivity to cold, less bowel, darker urine, weakness, less or more need for sleep, hunger pangs, rashes, cold sores, blemishes, coated tongue, nausea, strong body odor and breath.

When the Faster experiences weakness, bloating, constipation, or skin related problems; colonics may be needed. A colonic can help the Faster to feel renewed, and able to continue on a fast. It is best to plan in advance, and schedule colonic appointments prior to the fast to avoid any unpleasant detoxification symptoms. Colonics help to remove toxins and morbid debris in the colon and supports the Faster to have an easy, smooth, safe experience. How long a fast can be conducted varies based on age, health history, current health, and weight. The colon hydrotherapist will determine how often the Faster will need colonics during the course of the cleanse.

Colonics help prevent a reabsorbing of waste through the bowel wall. When practicing a highly cleansing diet such as a raw foods diet or if on a juice fast it will defeat the purpose of the cleanse if proper elimination is not a part of the program. If a raw foods diet is not working for you and the detoxification symptoms ensue for what seems like forever, then the missing link may be colon hydrotherapy.

Gravity colonics generate a simultaneous in-flow and out-flow of water, facilitating an effective and through cleansing of the colon while providing a comfortable session for the client. Colon hydrotherapy is essential for alleviating gas, bloating, acne, headaches, sluggishness, constipation, dull complexion, and weight issues among others.

Colonics benefit the body by giving the immune system a boost, providing more oxygen flow to the blood stream, eliminates noxious gases and mucoid matter from the colon, strengthens peristalsis, cleanses the blood and lymph. The body is a whole entity and when cleansing the colon the whole body will benefit.

Many people will use enemas in place of Colon Hydrotherapy. Colonics and enemas will not weaken the colon. They actually have a strengthening effect and can be used often. Enemas are not nearly as through as a colonic. They are best used in addition to colonics. An enema uses a bag, similar to a hot water bottle, and is filled with purified water. It is hung several feet above the body. There is a hose attached to the bag with a clip on it to control the flow of water. The adaptor is inserted into the rectum and the water is allowed in. Once the person feels an urge to release and cannot hold the water any longer then the person releases in the toilet. The water can reach into the transverse colon found at the mid-section above the belly button, but only reaches about half the distance of the body’s 5 ft of colon. We have all heard of the term ’backed up’, and that is an accurate description of the colon’s predicament for many people. So, to effectively cleanse the colon means emptying the ascending colon, which is the deepest part of the colon.

There are various methods of colon hydrotherapy. Gravity Method is best, but there are Machine Method colonics as well. To find a therapist near you do a web search, check local wellness newspapers, or call the Woods Gravity School for a referral-407 933 0009. Your Colon Therapist will determine if a colonic is right for you.

Donna Perrone
Certified Colon Hydro-therapist

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Special Thanks to my colonic guru and mentor Gil Jacobs!