BLOG: Put More Raw Food On Your Plate!



It all started 21 years ago when I was suffering from chronic yeast infections, acne, constipation, and an overall lack of energy. I was very resistant to a change in my diet, but a friend encouraged me to acquire as much knowledge as I could about my health problems. I transitioned myself onto a vegan diet and after one year nothing had changed. Once I committed to eating 75% of my diet exclusively of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts did a transformation happen. After going through five different doctors in three years I finally was able to heal myself with this radical change in diet. Raw foods allowed my body the opportunity to heal itself. I could never go back again.

We are living beings with a vital life force in our bodies. It makes complete sense that we would put that same life force rich food into our body to create an energetic body. Kirlian photography shows the energy field of any raw food exhibiting a beautiful aura of high voltage light and electricity emanating from the food. Take the same food and cook it and the light remains only a dim glow.

Raw food comes in a perfect package of just the correct amount of water, fiber, enzymes and phytonutrients. You can never improve upon nature. Raw food is a water rich food. Our body is 70% water and ingesting water rich food creates ease in digestion. Most people eat very concentrated food that takes more energy to digest then to exercise! When we cook our food we remove the moisture content and then expected to drink 8 glasses of water to replace it. Why not just eat raw food?

Fruits and vegetables move through the body leaving nothing behind except vital nutrients. When we eat refined food, meat, cheese, pasta or tofu this food creates a sticky poop! Waste residue is often left behind, absorbed and creates obstruction in the body. Disease is often a product of obstructive waste found in our cellular body, organs and tissue. Eating raw food that moves cleanly through the body and carries itself out in the form of fiber keeps the body a well working machine!

Raw food encourages the body to detoxify. The ionic charge in raw food can create an awakening to occur of toxins to be released from the cells. Also, the ease in digestion allows the body to gain energy to heal and renew the body.

Enzymes are necessary for all metabolic processes of the body including digestion. Raw Food is packed with enzymes to support good digestion. When we eat cooked food this creates stress on the body to provide adequate enzymes for digestion. This can accelerate the aging process.

When we cook our food above 113 degrees the enzymatic activity begins to perish. At 118 degrees the food is considered dead. The molecular structure has changed. Think of what a string bean feels like raw. It is crispy and snaps into pieces. Think of the same string bean after being cooked it becomes limp and mushy. What kind of body do you want?

There is evidence of a heighten immune response after ingesting cooked food. Leukocytosis has occurred which is a raise in the body’s white blood cell count. The body has an innate intelligence that responds when a foreign invader has arrived, “COOKED FOOD!” Think about the thousands of cooked food meals eaten and the wear and tear on the immune system over ones lifetime.

Have you ever noticed after eating a cooked meal that you need to clear your throat or blow your nose? How do you spell M-U-C-U-S? How can all that mucus do a body good? Cooked food can create an irritation to the body’s tissues and organs. In response, excessive amounts of mucus are generated to protect itself. Over time, this mucus can harden and create more obstruction in the body. Trying to lose weight?

Raw foods generally have a high alkalinity in pH. Truthfully, when seeking healing of any disease the answer in part can be found in changing ones pH chemistry. Most people consume highly acidic foods such as animal protein, grains, coffee, alcohol and refined foods. An acid forming diet will create an acidic body. Although nuts and seeds tend to be acid forming they should be consumed in small amounts. Almonds are a highly alkalizing food.

Finally, there is the debate that raw food nutrition cannot be absorbed as well as cooked food. Most raw food is very digestible when not overeaten and eaten in good combination. Raw green leafy veggies such as kale can be juiced, blended into a smoothie or massaged with oil to break down the cellulose better. The nutrition in raw food is far superior in quality compared to any cooked food any day.

You don’t have to be a Raw Foodist to be healthy, but increasing the amount of raw food in your diet is very beneficial to creating good health.