BLOG: How it all started..




The first thought that comes to my mind about writing to everyone out there in cyber land is..
“Who is going to read my blog?“

Perhaps, only a curious mind would venture to read this prime original blog. Surely, I dare reveal the mysteries of bathroom antics and cleansing protocols. Okay, just having fun. Yes, I am the one and only Colon Hydro-Therapist Blogger. My name is Donna Perrone and I have a holistic health office in NYC called Gravity East Village. Yes, you guessed it, “I clean colons for a living! “

Maybe I should start at the beginning. In 1989 I had a nasty little health problem called Candida. Also known as a chronic yeast infection. There were other problems too, such as constipation, gas, acne (serious), pms- (bad cramps, ouch!), and underweight (blink and you’d miss me). So, nothing serious, yet for 3 years I visited 5 different doctors and all they did was to prescribe more meds. I was in my early 20’s and for the first time in my life the doctor couldn’t cure me. I thought that I was too young for this. This Candida thing was uncomfortable. I had a friend whose mother recovered from Arthritis on a raw foods diet. She urged me to do a little research about Candida. Or better known as Candida Albicans. So, I read every book I could find and slowly over the course of one year I changed my diet. I went from the SAD diet to a vegan diet. Yet, nothing changed. Not one bit.

Then, March 1989 arrived, and at age 24 I made a commitment. Finally, my friend convinced me. What did I have to loose? So I did it. I went RAW! My diet consisted of 75% raw foods – fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds, and sprouts, and 25% steamed veggies, a baked potato, or brown rice. And I ate it plain. And very simple. No condiments. No catsup. I agreed to do this for one month. Yikes!

The first thing I noticed was that I woke up at 6 am without the alarm. That’s a miracle! And I felt cleaner. No wiggles in the eye pits or dry crusty eardrums. Also, for the first time in my life, I skipped a menstrual period. I felt no fear, only excitement. I knew something had changed and I was inspired to keep going.

Month Two. I got my period. And no cramps. Halleluiah!! Two miracles. I was having an epiphany. I’ll keep trying this raw food thing even though the yeast persisted. Month Three. Jack Pot. No yeast infection. And that was almost 20 years ago and I’ve been good ever since. So long, Ray’s pizza, and chocolate cannolis! I’ll never look back.

Then for several years I was riding high on raw foods feeling empowered by my ability to heal myself. Then, about five years later my energy level was not quite the same as it had been. I found that I needed to eat every 2 or 3 hours or I’d feel ‘not grounded’. The amount of food I was eating was enormous and I was bloated. I started having panic attacks. My skin had never cleared up and I had the worse acne ever. My face looked like the Catskill Mountains. And even worse, my menstrual pain was back with a vengeance. What was I doing wrong? I was such a good raw foodist. So, I rationalized that I needed to cleanse my body further. I juice fasted, I flushed, and I even tried energy healing and herbs. I was eating 100% raw almost entirely all the time. If anything, I was feeling worse rather than feeling better. I was in denial for a long time. I thought raw food was the answer. How could it let me down?

Then, I met a raw food friend who had the answer. You need a colonic! I said are you kidding? I was constipated as a child and now am pooping 3 times a day or more. I don’t need a colonic. She persisted for a long time. Get A Colonic! Finally, I paid a visit to my colonic guru, the master himself, Gil Jacobs. My first session went on forever. He called it an exorcism. I was never the same. I went to see him only one time per month, as that was what my artist budget would allow at the time. Within one year my skin cleared up and the pms had improved drastically. I compared the people from the raw food community to the colon therapists I met and knew the missing link to vibrant, radiant health can be found at the colonic office. This experience has directed me to the work I do today. So, that’s how it started. Stay tuned. More tales to be told in a future blog..

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