Watch The Replay: Why A Parasite Cleanse Might Be Needed.

Watch Donna Perrone on the replay of her 20 minute presentation on parasite cleansing on the ‘Elegantly Raw’ program with Doreet on the ‘Jane Unchained Network’ featured on Youtube and Facebook. Most people overlook doing a parasite cleanse and many unexplained symptoms can be associated with having parasites that go undiagnosed. This is a practice I recommend doing twice a year. I teach a much longer version of this presentation, but here are my top recommendations.
Donna Perrone meets with clients in person, by phone and over Zoom for a nutritional consultation, bionetic scan session, and muscle testing session. Donna creates a customized protocol for those in need.
We would love to see you at Gravity! Schedule a colon cleanse or liver cleanse with any of my expert therapists! Get a Gravity Colonic or Coffee Enema session at Gravity. We offer a single session or a colonic and coffee enema package. We are open 7 days a week. Take the best care of yourself!
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